Ask anything to a starving venezuelan who earns 2.5$ a month and just eat Yucca at breakfast, lunch and dinner

ask anything to a starving venezuelan who earns 2.5$ a month and just eat Yucca at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you don't know what 'yucca' is check this:

This is the country where the government pays more for being pregnant and being neet than for working:

>Pregnant bonus: 700,000 BsF (3,07$) monthly
>Random bonus (such as christman bonus): 500,000 BsF (2,17$) monthly

>a wagecuck: 248.510 BsF (1,09$) monthly

I have known many tips to live with 2.5$ monthly, such as hunting rats and birds. I would steel rating from Bear Grylls if i do my own tv show called "How to survive in socialism".

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why dont you move to a non shithole also how do you have internet

go to peru retard

>2.5$ for food
>500$ shitposting device

meant to OP

How is that "True Socialism" treating you?

Where you one of these idiots that helped form your shitty socialist shit hole?

This is a thinly veiled begging thread. Every time a Venezuelan makes a thread they end up trying to get money out ignore people.

Dot fall for this trick

Hey there, fellow South American.

4 questions today
1. Why haven't you fled?
2. Why haven't you revolted?
3. Opinion on Oscar Pérez?
4. Why have you all stopped posting in /pol/?

Is that 1$ or 100$?
Anyway you can make that mining for nicehash in a day, just steal a GPU and you'll be living the high life

never heard of yucca, I might add it to my diet. Must be pretty healthy if you poorfags can survive on it.

how's the whole communism thing going? everyone equally starving to death?

so the real socialism has finally been tried..

>Free when stolen from some tourist.

why does the PSUV keep winning elections, you wannabe gusano?

Why are you not pregnant?

>nice larp

Why don't you just become a NEET if it pays more?

>such as hunting rats and birds.
Literally pic related

why did you elect a socialist government? what did you think was going to happen?

>not chile

>t. Brainlet that doesn't understand the difference between the official exchange rate and black market rate

> needs 250 burger bux just to enter


Why would a third world country need to subsidize pregnancy

What about electricity and connection

10/10 would watch and pay money for this

Fuck off we're full. Venezuelians are allright tho, especially women.

chile is the only south american country that gets their shit together

I'm a brainlet pls explain?

Oh look, time to tell the boys over at Hispa that you're trynna beg here, i laugh at you fags everytime. I'm Venezuelan too, yet i dont beg these gringos for a lousy 2$, you're just trying to make them feel bad for you, if i find you i'm going to introduce my friend Mr.Machete to your neck.

>hunting rats and birds
lmao that's not a country, you're better off living with a tribe in the rainforest

>I would steel rating from Bear Grylls if i do my own tv show called "How to survive in socialism".
why don't you do it?

Just like crypto, the real value of something is what someone is willing to give you for it, not some "official" exchange rate.

Argie here

Y-you can move here if want

I want frends :3

are 100 bolivar notes from before 2017 still valid?

Do you know any hot venezuelan hots who will send nudes for dollars?

I mean like amateur chicks, I speak spanish too.

Si te pago por cada chica que me consigas, me consigues amateurs ricas que me agreguen en whatsapp me manden videos etc Y les pago en crypto o dolares.
menores de 20, entre menos mejor.
preferible colegialas, universidad etc.

or are u some beta neet?
In that case forget about it.
I'm looking to eventually got there and fuck some amateur girls with my crypto millions.

I really feel bad for Venezuelans because their worst problems such as shortages and hyperinflation would be so easy to solve with the right kind of governance. I wish we could create of sort of decentralized Veeky Forums revolutionary fund to be used to topple their communist tyrants

copper has blessed chile

bizvis full of larping faggots

Adding on to that, the only people able allowed to exercise the official exchange rate were connected members of the commie government who used it to essentially loot the foreign reserves of Venezuela by selling their worthless bolivars for usd and euros.

Normal citizens were turned away from the banks and forced to rely on the black market, where the exchange rate is around 200-300k/$1

Their military sworn loyalty to the socialist revolution not the constitution or the country. Soldiers and police officers have good benefits and enjoy and higher quality of life.
higher ups in the army, police, socialist party live like kings, in fact most army generals traffic cocaine and they're the real lords of venezuela.
It is largely the middle and lower class without political connections that suffer the hardships, and they can't do shit because in venezuela guns have been ilegal for a long time, they're completely disarmed, the state holds the monopoly on weapons.
That's why last time they rioted they got absolutely BTFO.

Don't give up ur guns burgers.

Are you one of the two guys who got ETH for posting their fridge and other stuff a few days?

Pls show us your fridge or any real pic of your poor situation. Really interested.

yeah i noticed that too
>see word "venezuela"
>50 posts later people start posting their addresses

even pajeets are not THAT bad


Are you really that retarded or am I being rused
That's the official change, set by the government, but go to any online store from venezuela and you can see for yourself a 2014 smartphone costs 900 trillion BsF

so you're saying.. RIGHT NOW, I can go to Venezuela and get the hottest girl in the room to suck my dick for 5 USD?

you're an even bigger brainlet, the ''official'' exchange rate as u call it dumbass, it's set by the market, meaning there are buy orders at that price. and it drops once buy orders drop to a price below.

Inflation in venezuela is out of control, the goverment constantly prints money and increases the wage of venezuelan people to try to combat inflation, like the retards they are, this devaluated the bolivar tremendously so in an effort to stop foreign individuals from being able be emperors in their shithole they set arbitrary exchange rates, so if you're a foreigner going to venezuela that's the exchange rate, but locals can't exchange at these rates since in reality the bolivar is devaluated waaaaay below that so dollars are traded on the black market at the rates OP posted.
tl;dr the official exchange rate is an arbitrary rate set up to control foreign investing and spending and jew foreigners, but the bolivar is devaluated way below that price.

goldfarm greendrags in osrs like your fellow countrymen

it's 0.5$/h

Hey OP, would you be interested in some basic data processing/administration work?

Around 10 hours a week for an initial period of a month (with the potential of more work in the future), all you need is an internet connection and a computer, I could even help out with setup/ongoing internet costs if needs be, pay would be $10USD an hour, I can pay you in just about any method you'd like, or even send you the equivalent in care packages, food etc

No experience required, I'll spend the first week walking you through what you need to do, I just need someone with a basic grasp of English who can follow basic instructions, isn't a total dipshit and is a resident of Venezuela.

Hit me up at [email protected] if you're keen.

I really want a qt venezuelan wife. I’m pretty good looking and I have a big dick. I’m not ruch though so don’t get your hopes up. Email me for deets pic related

internet + computer = ???

find some online work

youll get shot, raped and AIDS along with it. Everything seems to be on sale down there

I find it quite amusing that people still shitpost on Veeky Forums during a basically apoclypse scenario. OP is living in dirt rags eating wood while roving gangs wander the streets killing stray animals and raping women yet here he is. Posting on Veeky Forums. Lel

Yeah probably. There's about a 50% chance her family will stab you and loot your passport to sell on the black market though.

But hey, she might even swallow. Follow your dreams user

I play fallout new vegas, i am familiar with your cuisine.

see? it was a matter of time

Why don't you farm food on the roofs of your houses / backyards / parks
Why don't you just leave the city and go to natural areas and resources to grow your own food
Why aren't you farming online gaming and other internetbased type economies like the Chinese with gold in wow and powerleveling characters and such?

How much for your sister?

OP it's time to man up if I lived in a shit hole I would be forming la revolution

>2.5$ a month
I just made 10% of a 1,000 stack. I was asleep when the trade occured. Whats wrong with your country?

Peruvian American here. I love yucca

You have to go back.

I’m not a venezuelan though. I’m a burger looking for a sex slave.reading comprehension. Look into it.

>implicando las pueden pagar pa tuition

11 dollars is more than 1 month wage for middle class company job, Which most don't even have.

The thing is how to do it, Bodyguards are being killed and are actually afraid to work because they're being targeted by criminal bands who kill them to steal their guns. It's that fucked.

> t. never lived in a socialist country.

>1 post by this ID

>Venezuela is a RUST server

Yes, come to Chile, we've got one of the highest income inequalities in the world.

Am Venezuelan too. Pls sirs send monies so I can buy a plain ticket out of this hole

But seriously tho, am actually a Venezuelan. Ill make memes for crypto

>I find it quite amusing that people still shitpost on Veeky Forums during a basically apoclypse scenario. OP is living in dirt rags eating wood while roving gangs wander the streets killing stray animals and raping women yet here he is. Posting on Veeky Forums. Lel

That's how it's going to end for all of us user.

anyway, this is my ETH address


>tfw yuca frita

>political discussion

I would pay u and the girl on as soon as I get a timestamp with her face in it, alongside other requirements, once first payment is done then we will go on nudes videos etc and I will pay after each one and u will receive money for being my scout.
I'm looking to spend a good 1k in whores, if it looks good enough I'll consider going there and I'll pay u to find me whores get me coke etc, some legit money to be made here my man, what do u say, better than eating rats thatls for sure.

Not me bro, not me.

good idea, but the police is already doing that

It's not 100% legit, bro

don't make me cry ;-;

Just Diosdado Cabello has access to those dollars (1$=10BsF)

The first Venezuelan guy who came here was nice and Veeky Forums rewarded his story.

The word has spread apparently and now all of you miserable fucks come here to ask for money in disguise. Fuck you.

Here is my ETH address if you would like to pay in advance 0xb3fe834af274b17da9f888604a63ad29c4d3866d


I love hearing about the newest lows from Venezuela. It's the only time ever during newscasting that the TV isn't talking about my country's own new lows. Even at our worst, we were still better than Venezuela is today.

The situation in Venezuela will not end unless bloodshed occurs. Personally, I doubt Maduro will survive to see the next year. Someone will kill him first. Or he could escape, if he's lucky.

I literally used to, I'm a cuban in a first world country, faggot.
Gringo maricon.

>Not mining Bitcoin in the country with free electricity. Shigidty doo


>gringo maricon
am i playing ghost recon wildlands?

Go to venezuela then, everyone is equal there.

>please don't point out any flaws or I'll ask you to go to some other shithole ;_;
It's always the same with you brainlets.

Ya'll nigros want to beg for crypto, but I'm offering u a legit easy job that will neet u a yearly wage in ur shithole and all you have to do is talk to cute girls, What's the worse that could happen as soon as u offer her 20dollars she will listen to you.
I'll even pay for u to fuck a couple as long as u steam live it for me.
Hagamos negocio, o prefieren seguir comiendo rata.

>What is hyper inflation

>even pajeets are not THAT bad

India has a future. Not so for everything south of America.

Perfect example, I visit Cuba multiple times a year. Changing CUP for CUC is an exercise in futility at official rates, anecdotal private deals aside.

aprende a escribir chileno de mierda

The one from a couple days ago? I was one of them (the one with the red jar)
Thank you Veeky Forums

Im now offering my meme making GIMP skillz for crypto so I can keep saving for a ticket out.

Offer still stands for another ten minutes, then i'm off.

Just do this with rat instead of beef:

You can't not have markets. It is socialism/communism because this is what happens when you try to implement it.
It's like saying humans can fly and then someone throws themselves off a building flapping flaffing their hands and go splat. Then you come and say that was not real human flight because it doesn't conform to the criteria of your hypothesis which ignores the most basic axioms of reality.

So a person from the street can't walk into an exchange and exchange bolivars for other currencies? Like everywhere else? Well that's fucked.

Thank you

This nigros don't like working, that's why the PSUV won, they all love the gibs me dat, that's why they're fucked.

No. The one Veeky Forums gave like $1,500 two or three weeks ago, that shared the story with his family and how crypto helped him.

May I take it?

Im also learning image editing and video editing if you need help with that

OP would be retarded not to take this if he was seriously looking to put in some honest work instead of just begging.

Holy Molly, that's a lot of money. Well good for him I guess.

Exchanging bolivars is illegally unless you use the insulting government rate