Skip scap skidoodle your portfolio is now a noodle

Skip scap skidoodle your portfolio is now a noodle.

>implying anyone here put more than 20% of their worth in crypto
You would have to be severyly mentally challenged to do that.

100% reporting in

Please tell me you're worth less than 10k USD.

25k usd reporting in

You shouldn't be so proud of your ineptness. Please diversify dude. Seriously.

yeah am looking to make some money off crypto until i can withdraw enough to enter the real estate market, but for right now im feeling pretty confident that i'll come out in the green over the next few years

95 percent of my net worth is in Dragon Chain (unironically)



pewds go back to youtube

I swear to god, I want to feel bad for you, but you are making it very hard.

memes aside, diversify now

pewds hates this meme tho

if i lose it all honestly fuck it im not too bothered, yeah its a shame to lose it but at the end of the day its a risk i'd like to take, either i stay poor 100% for the rest of my life and just live averagely, or i take a chance to hopefully live kinda comfy - but maybe lose it and be put in the exact same situation as if i didnt invest

But you can take changes with, let's say, 5 types of risky invetments, instead of just one 1 type of extremely risky investment. I understand you are young and want quick gains if possible, that's fine, but please spread out your investment, you say oyu have 25k? Put 5k each into different types of investments, for example:

5k for crypto
5k for a startup you like
5k for emerging markets funds(india, south america)
5k for some liqidity fund
5k for gold/silver/platinum

Or something like that. You might lose on 2 or 3 of them, but overall you might come out on top.

yeah youre 100% right i really should
but unfortunately youre 100% right and im a young retard who's trying to give himself a half decent future, so i'll take your advice on board for the future, but for the time being; for a couple more years i'll most likely keep on keeping on

good trajectory, stellar noodle.

What if my net worth is negative monies?

Then you shouldn't be browsing Veeky Forums but sending out a 100 CVs a day.

Bitcoin is dead electroneum will now rise! Just invested 1K !

I have a job but I fell for the college loans scam