Big if true.


I thought it was pretty suspicious he made that claim by that time, it seemed out of the blue to state that before his question

digits appear to confirm.


Why the fuck isn't thta pumping the price!

Holy shit 20 trillion it is

Honestly only quads have the power to confirm such a gigantic statement.

I missed the hearing. Who said this? If it was some senator, etc., he was probably saying some statement prepared by some lackey way back when BTC was $18k-ish.

Don't remember his name but he said if the market continues to grow at its current rate it'll be valued at 20trillion by 2020. He went on to compared crypto to feeling like earlier investments in cellphones. Said he received the same slack he's hearing today, and to look where cellphones are now

with cellphones you can talk to other people, send them messages, use the internet and so on

with cryptocurrency you cant do anything since there are no use cases



found the brainlet nocoiner

Really? What WOULDN'T you do for 10 bitcoins?

Any crypto over a dollar defeats the purpose of the coin.

cope more we're going to the moon faggot.
and you'll have to end up your pathetic life because it has no use case except wasting oxygen.

so you could do all of those things when cell phones first came out?

fuck off no coiner



I'm gonna cash out 2020 after buying for remainder this month n then I'm gonna fuck russian sluts poopers for the rest of my life