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good, if you think otherwise you're buying into shitcoins and/or you're retarded

couldn't have gone better really

and fuck Warren

this and this.

Pretty good. Fuck scam ICOs.

elizabeth warren really shit in the punchbowl in those last 3 mins when she pointed out 0 ICOs have registered with SEC since their warning the SEC guy said they were all illegal, did anyone else catch that?

Overall I think it was bad but people are so fucking desperate for the price to go back up that they'll cling to anything.

as expected
try to control/regulate the market
under the disguise of protecting normies
and they dont seem to understand blockchain fully


seriously. Also Senator Warner for president.

BTC, LTC, ETH would be pleased with this hearing.


The tech is getting exposure, the market is getting exposure, theoretical product "crypto ETF," Mericuh hungry for taxes and products they can control.

They interested in legitimizing the space

The only negative outtake I could extract, was when asked what would happen with people's investments if an exchange were to be hacked.

Dude basically said "well, they're fuck". And the inquisitor(!!!) quickly added "well, I guess there's some work to be done". That's. Fucking. It.

This was literally a GODSENT. $25k here we come.

The conference wasn't bad at all aside for the woman sperging out.
Their take on crypto is just sending to jail absolute pajeets like Bazinga coin dude that make scam icos.

The market is going to crash in a few hours anyway though because the news need thos clicks so the headlines are going to look like this: "THE GOVERMENT REUNITED TO REGULATE CRYPTO SELL NOW HURRY UP"

It's going to go up afterwards though

> people are so fucking desperate for the price to go back up
I agree. Nothing is mooning after this "positive" hearing.

Kill yourself

Also this

>$25k here we come.
Santa said $100k KEK

not terrible for crypto or blockchain. terrible for bitcoin. they just outlined how unsecure and unpredictable bitcoin is

Warner Bro is the most anti-business senator out there.

Warner is surprisingly My Guy.

Send Trump to jail and pump ETH and a 20 trillion market cap.

Yeah man, nothing negative at all...
>Security concerns
>People need to be protected from themselves
>Exchanges need to be regulated like stock exchanges
>People are investing into BTC for retirement - how do we stop them losing money
> Need to reduce volatility
> All ICOs have to register with SEC or they're illegal
> Need more stringent regulation before allowing people to invest
> Need greater oversight before ETFs can be implemented.

Government intervention never ends well
Oldfags know this, nu/biz/ will learn
5000% without gov, now we get to see with gov


we are going to 5k either way

"the stock markurr just dipped 4% durr, *farts* what goes urp musht come down and so ferth"

"mistur SEC chairmans, do i buy stocks now sir?"

It honestly went better than expected. There seemed to be a lot of talk about regulating the things they have jurisdiction to regulate over at the moment, but you could tell the SEC and CFTC are frustrated at not being able to own the entire cryptospace. This is foreign to americans.

Also one of the senators brought up a good point which is how the fuck are you going to tax this when it inevitability replaces fiat? do we just all come together as a global economy and throw money into the pot for different areas of a certain country?

based on the market's reaction: nothing

GOOD - USA will NOT ban crypto.

American's are still fucked when it comes to ICO's, only the true legitimate ones will make it through.

Fuck off reddit
You too faggot
Warner is one of the worst senators. Corrupt, high taxes, welfare, Russia conspiracy nut

Better than expected, I was skeptic that they would over-regulate and kill the markets but they went with educational path towards securing brainlets don't make mistakes instead of ruining it for everyone.

it was just
>buy the rumours, sell the news
>continuing to sub 1k.

It was great until Warren opened her stupid mouth

>thinking big investors will come in without some sort of protection regulation

ok faggot fuck off

Well desu nothing unexpected happened. We all knew there will be loose talk around regulation and the scams in the cryptospace. So nothing to upset the current, already labile market.

But the outlook for the next years look fantastic, which will probably result in the one-higher-support holding than it otherwise would.

anything above cryptos are fraud and need to be banned immediately is a good outcome right now.

>Senator Warner for president.

She'd be the first Real American President. OG Cherokee.

Big investors make the fucking money off regulations
You know in IPOs you can't invest unless you're a "qualified" investor? Hat means rich kikes
/bid/ is full of gov loving braindead dolts now. Wow. Crypto was created to hide from government

>Believe that the market has been manipulated.
>Believe that more regulation is needed.
>ICO are scams
>Blockchain has potential
>Can not protect the people from who buy into scams

The one that people are grasping to is the 20 trillion projection, which he clearly explains is based entirely on projecting from foundation to today. Which is stupid.

thats good news for BTC, LTC, and ETH. The last one is the mother of scam coins.

20 trillion. 477 confirms

How will the SEC protect me from Pahjeets?

I have high cheekbone as well user. KEK

If everything goes according to their plan any ICO that doesn't follow their regulation is illegal, so no more bazinga

Warner not Warren

Way better than expected, I mean let's be honest, it was FUCKING BULLISH! There was a general recognition from all sides of how revolutionary dlt is and how this moment is the start of something, & surprisingly America showed why it's so great cause they basically said it's better to understand it & move with the innovation, rather than other countries who might ban it. The free market basis of the USA showed & it's totally positive I this

Yeah man, lets regulate crypto just like the stock market. Kill volatility, implement FINRA designations for trading and minimum equity requirements. Because that'll be great for the overall crypto market and not just wall street. But oh wait, you're probably some fucking NEET that has no idea how regulated trading works.

Its overall positive, they've really done their research. They will support the tech and companies emerging. But they are still confused on what Bitcoin exactly is and how they can regulate the space.

Ofcourse as I anticipate crypto will lead to a 1 world government as its to international, and its span far to destructive for nations to work independently.

Atleast I can make some money whilst we bend to our shadow government overlords.


Shit, didnt know that ancient lady was on Veeky Forums as well. Why aren't you dead yet grandma?

It's literally an overview of their negative perceptions of crypto you mong.

How is this negative? People were expecting a crackdown, but instead they are proposing fair regulation to protect retarded consumers like yourself who hate money and get their asses scammed.

If you don't see how the future for crypto is going to look like, go NECK yourself fucking niggerjew.

Please protect me from myself gubment!!! I'm too dumb to do my own research!

>25k here we come
Being this retarded.. It's going to 1k


This. Media autistic screaming in short term. But 2018 100k EOY

>But 2018 100k EOY
You must be one of Mr.Gandalf's hobbit.


Maybe that's why he is moving on to ETH 2.0