Meet our new king Veeky Forums

Meet our new king Veeky Forums

>"We owe it to the new generation, to embrace and protect their enthusiasm"

US is super bullish towards crypto. This is the change of tide that we needed.

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Love this guy

He's right though, crypto actually made me curious about financial instruments such as stocks etc.

Crypto is basically stocks gamified in some way.

My new love.

name a bigger bull

Crypto dad with a fat penis. We will be okay

Republican of course he is based

his kids were like "Dad, don't ban crypto"

He’s the best. He explained “kimchi premium”.


we bulls now

he was actually appointed by kang nigger

This. Fuck if I knew or cared about green candles before cryptos.

Most bullish statement was claiming companies are using blockchain today to make important trades, boomers only understand if if they imagine someone with a truck delivering something.

Is this it, Veeky Forums?

The hearing that saved crypto?

Even a broken clock is correct two times a day.

Anyone have clips or a timestamp on when he says HODL

It was a fucking genious move, making boomers try to understand it on their own terms.

I still dislike the SEC as it is the reason monopolies are so strong in the US, but Giancarlo was a hero today.

I wish he was my Dad

If it wasn't for crypto, I'd still be a financially illiterate pleb.


best pizzanigger saved us all



Hail to our king.

He's our comfy uncle

Great earnings will come to you only if you reply

The Hearing that SAVED Crypto

Are you really so retarded to think that what was said at this hearing is bullish for crypto??? Holy kek

im glad im learning about all this stuff at 23
especially here in germany society is completely detached from stock market or anything related
i remember when i was little and asked my parents or teachers they would play it off as rich people casino


2 0 T R I L L I O N

Same here, Bitcoin was my first investment and it taught me a lot about markets.

He knows de wae

I want a picture of that dude on my wall
He just saved us

Its crashing under 6800
Sell the news idiot.

That 20 trillion you will need normies and they are out for this year.

how much for the girl

Nobody misses you, but right now, right here, you made me chucke.
Have a

His retard son probably invested his life savings into it and wants him to break even lol

The Hearing that SAVED Crypto!

I love that guy. Dude said his kids are in Bitcoin.
How does that translate to Boomers ?!
Well if he lets his kids invest in it and the congressman is saying its going to goto 20 trillion, we should put a little in right Agnes ?
Go for it George, you only live once. You want more coffee ?

Boomers have CSPAN on 24/7. Don't think they aren't going to be talking about this.

i like where this is going


tfw u bought the dip


>Well if he lets his kids invest in it and the congressman is saying its going to goto 20 trillion, we should put a little in right Agnes ?
>Go for it George, you only live once. You want more coffee ?



aka how can we make the most money off these gullible little shits as possible

I liked the HODL explanation


Seriously can you imagine if the market cap was 20 trillion ?!?!?!

I told you fgts the US was going to make bank on crypto while moronic countries like china ban it.

feels so good not to be a pleb buying the latest zoom box and wasting my hard earned time and shekels on eating out and girls

We bullish mofos now.

We are already liable for capital gains on crypto to crypto transactions since 2014.
That's the most retarded headline I have ever seen.

Just wait until the thin eye people wake up and realize the round eyes just saved BTC

But it wasnt enforced, regulated until now.

You don't think the IRS enforces it ?
Lemme break it down for you.
You have 3 years to pay you taxes before they come after you.
That means that those 2014 millionaires who didn't pay their taxes, they'll be coming for them this year.

PAPA, he atacs, he loves, but most important he protecs

I actually heard this before that bitcoin millionaires were going to get their assets repo'd. Lets see if you are right.


pump his follower count:

So? Veeky Forums mericlaps have 2 years to declare bankruptcy

follow him

he deserves it

brought him 10k followers

You cant really escape the tax man especially if the crypto value tanks so no place to hide your wealth. You could buy as many golden diamond encrusted bitcoins and bury them in an undisclosed location but do you really want to be lying to the suits as they interrogate you?

I live in Venezuela. The tax man gets stabbed here kek

and warnerbro twitter.comMarkWarner

Hfw his daddy shills his bags....

Hah but then you would be living in Venezuela with massive amounts of money and you have bigger problems to worry about than the IRS.

Our /boomer/

of course the USA is bullish towards crypto.
they know that it will eventually be the one world currency.

Thank you, ameribros.

The elderly won't invest in something they can't understand.