Who voted for that cunt Veeky Forums?

Who voted for that cunt Veeky Forums?



I’m a pretty far left liberal and she still pisses me off.

no coiner cucks with wifes sons

imagine if she runs against trump and takes an anti coin status and trump goes pro coin. imagine the debates

Me lmao.

nobody would know what they are talking about - so basically just like every other political debate

Her refusal to endorse Bernie should tell you everything you'd need to know about her convictions. Amazing she'd have any support from that side of the aisle again.

>I’m a pretty far left liberal
kys commie

lmao get fucked shitcoiners

Bernie is a fucking cuck too.

Dumbass libshits who think someone with an eight figure net worth is some kind of socialist.

>look mom, I called him a commie

Looks like I'm voting republican next election.

If republicans are saving crypto, they have my vote.

She looks like a female Jeb Bush.

>slow and steady wins the race

Nah most of us hate Warren too

leave pocahontas alone you evil cis white male RRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE

stupid fucking bitch better stay away from cryptos, stupid bitch the last thing we need right now is to scare the market even more with veiled threats from this bitch

oh look it's miss you're too stupid to make your own decisions government always knows what's best for you i wish we could tax and regulate where and when you can take a shit elizabeth comrade warren

Elizabeth Warren would be a terrible mom always yelling "B-but thats too risky people gonna get hurt.

I didn't vote for that bitch