Veeky Forums told me to go krypto and invest in bitcoin

>Veeky Forums told me to go krypto and invest in bitcoin
>it's mooning to 100k and more by end of the year
>know I was late in the game
>decide to trust Veeky Forums and bought 3.5 bitcoins for 19.5k/each
>it's falling since
>Veeky Forums tells me just hold user
>still falling
>7k limit reached
>Veeky Forums tells me it's over and that it will go down to below 1k since the bubble has bursted
>believe Veeky Forums and sell everything at 6k for damage control


you impatient fuck. just wait.

Trust me you wont regret selling soon its gonan crash to 4k

>decide to trust Veeky Forums

Now buy at 30k and sell at 15k for maximum gains

lol you dumbass this entire selloff is orchestrated. didnt you learn the first time korea did it and its financial officers were found to be loading up on the dip?

do the opposite of what's trending on this site these days as most posters are manipulative white devils and pajeets trying to pump and dump

>Trusting Veeky Forums
>Falling for meme coins
>Not posting pink wojak

You got what you deserved faggot, see you at 50k user.

buy high sell low

>thinks he can get rich quick
You greedy fuck you deserve losses. It's unfortunate that if you hodl for a couple of years you'll have nice profits that you don't deserve. Please sell now.

relax, this piece of shit is going to 1k at least and might dip below that.





>trusting strangers with your financial decisions

It will be so funny when Bitcoin runs to 40k in April and you are no longer holding any.

100k eoy

Do people really believe that?

hope you learned your lesson user

this is delusional though, i wont be shocked if it's bouncing around 7k still

buy high sell low

sage for larp

This guy gets it

>bought at 19.5k
>sell at 6k
>fuck you biz
Worst bait I've seen here in a while.

Incorrect. We'll get to 100k in 2020

Because buying stocks/coins at their ATH is always a good idea.

bought 100k 3x leverage

Every time you start reading about bitcoin in the news it's a new bubble. It's that simple. Bitcoin never increases in price, it steadily declines until the next bubble. Sell what you have and wait until October. Then buy back in and wait until you start reading about bitcoin in the news, the you start selling gradually on the way up, and then you wait again, and so on.

did people really believe 20k a year ago when btc was 1k ?

thank you, you are my greatest ally

wait so u listened to people u never met on some random anime board and then u go andf tell us u listened to us? TOP KEK

When was this? Care to fill me in?

Every time bitcoin crashes people make stupid excuses for why it happened. Sure, there might be some catalyst causing the crash, but the crash itself follows from the fact that people value bitcoin in USD and not the other way around.

Compare it to housing prices. Nobody really care what the price of their house is 5 years after they bought it, because they're not going to sell it anyway, it's their home. The same way, if people really wanted bitcoin they wouldn't care if the price goes up or down, they still have the same amount of bitcoin.

But nobody really want bitcoin, they want dollars so that they can buy a house. That's why it crashes, because of selfish idiots.

Buying bitcoin is not an investment in the tech, it's a bet that some idiot will eventually come by and be willing to buy it back from you at a higher price. The joy ride is not stopping until we run out of stupid people, and I'd say there's a lot more to take, most of which never even read the news.

user, if you want to make some quick bucks, buy both bitcoin and hang up advertisement posters in trailer parks and bus stops... and porn sites... and this site.

Good luck!

> some random anime board
But the random anime board grew large global communities with their own cultures. This board is visited by millions of people. So you will find gems in all of the shit.