Roger Ver will be on in 30 minutes.

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core cucks on suicide watch

Lel dis gunna b gud

here comes the dip to 3k

Cmon Roger we need a good relief pitcher to come in and clean house.

thank god atleast now we know its really a dead meme now

just sold 100k

if this doesn't indicate to anyone here that BCH is fucking bullshit i dont know what will.

did i miss him yet?

alex jones started shilling bitcoin at 15k after talking shit about it for 7 years as le cia psyop

fuck that jewish shill

listen to rense

It got pushed to thursday

>this will make me seem reputable!

What an idiot

bumping for potential

My cash bags are getting HEAVY. The shittiest part about this crash is that fees (in USD) are lower so it isn't forcing people to consider other options atm.

Don't be such a simple minded liberal cuck. You people are literally the lowest IQ group on planet So narrow-minded and dumb.

Reminder that Trump did an interview with Alex during the campaign and he's the president now.

Stop fucking lying you stupid faggot. The humble water filter salesman was accepting bitcoin on his store since at least 2016 when btc was still only $700.

I know this because I bet bitcoin on Trump winning the election and told my friends I'd buy Super Male Vitality if Trump won.

Fuck so much for crypto if Alex the frogs are gaY Jones is promoting crypto

How is this fucking neonazi fanatism propaganda still not a banned link on Veeky Forums?
Same for fucking breitbart.

Nigga plz


fucking bcash sjw coin


axpire fags will actually think he'll mention axpire

lmao I hate neonazis and alex jones is a fucking joke but you're so fucking ignorant that you're even more of one

thanks for telling us about this OP

it's like a crossover episode of two TV shows I like

This is fantastic. Did you place a wager on Nitrogen also? If I remember correctly it was +500.

Even Normiebase is capitulating and supporting SegWit. Network effects will kick in and Bcash is finished. Good luck trying to short BTC and pump BCH in these conditions, you'll go broke in a day.

Alex Jones is a prime time pure bred american retard.

Jesus christ alex jones is such a piece of shit

starts in 2 minutes



>calls someone a faggot

>isnt already fully saturated in Super Male Vitality™

Rescheduled till Thursday I heard

big if true

also this,
with LN Bitcoin trash is totally useless.
keep trying trashies.

lol and now they sell you dubious health pills hahaahhahahah

It's about the size of Alex's audience and their willingness to invest in Bitcoin Cash. This is a marketing play. And it just shows that you Segwit Soyboys are still a bunch of censoring blowhards who don't like free speech. If you don't like Alex, don't watch, but his audience is massive so this is a very smart marketing play.

>How is this fucking neonazi fanatism propaganda still not a banned link on Veeky Forums?
>Same for fucking breitbart.
The same reason faggot niggers like yourself aren't banned. Everyone gets a voice here, even dumbfucks like you.

cool story cuck

bcash is ruining the entire cryptocurrency scene. They FUD everything and in the end every crypto, including them, will be deeply fucked in the ass.

>he was legitimately a lying faggot
>implying I didn't buy to support InfoWars because their shilling for Trump which helped me win a fuck load of money


rogers tweetfeed says today



Yes, because Blockstream has been SO great for merchant adoption.

nice edge m8
keep listening to this retard
you might actually end up as retarded as him

Any anons going to ring in with bcash trolls?





Roger concentrating on the dysfunctional Segwit coin inaccurately calling itself Bitcoin are partially to blame for market dip. Get on the correct chain...Bitcoin BCH. The correct tech will be the one that survives this the strongest:

gud bait, I almost take you seriously.

LoL nice pic m8

tip me for sharing with some 0confirmation useable bcash

tip a stranger? rather kill myself fgt

Roger's a moron and Alex is too (though Alex is likeable enough in a demented way) but this could be awesome viewing desu.

Who pays you, bcashes? If you tell me, I want to work with you. I need money, you know.


Roger Ver did anounce the move, but didn't see fit to tell us here first

You can send bitcoin cash offline now with sms, pretty cool! Introducing into Africa now and SE asia now

>people couldn't possibly be shilling coins they already own
>sanic poster

checks out.

why isnt he on?

>why isnt he on?
alex jones wanted to hold a speech about the trump speech I guess

bcash is a special case and you know it very well.

bitcoin = shitcoin, doesn't matter what fork

Apparently it was moved to thursday


>Veeky Forums and infowars

my 2 favorite ways to pass the time at work combined into one meme

/comfy/ as fuk


Feck it's moved to thursday.

We should have daily alex jones threads, he is a great businessman.

Read this thread, go to their subreddit... It is all there, its clear as water they are all lunatics.
But you will keep asking for proofs and saying this is a "nice argument" because this is the default behaviour of bcash shills.

You guys do know this is a scamcoin right? The kind the US regulators were discussing how to stop. Simply calling itself Bitcoin is false disclosure aka fraud.

>people are arguing in favor of shit they hold

Bcash shills at least make technical arguments, so idk wtf your point is. You're literally making the claim anyone favoring bcash is being paid. Evidence of fuck off.

And there it is, he did it again.

boomer you have to go back

Why do you need to watch instead of read credible information?

Crypto scares the merchant. It even scares the Commies in Bejing. Roll your profits into mining and enjoy selling your used vidcards after quadrupling your investment or whatever metric make purchase cost irrelevant. Electricity is so cheap in most of US it's hard to lose. Undervolt and run them cool.

Remember to sell cards individually for best return. The gaymerfags (who play instead of making a nice retirement fund) will outbid each other for your old hardware.

>unable to substantiate his claim

Thanks for proving my point entirely, nitwit.

Roger lives in all the corekeks heads rent free. Must be nice

invest in patriot point coins BUY BUY BUY

I don't want any regulations but if you hold bcash the boomers are right, you need some protection from yourself.

The single biggest source of FUD in the crypto community is his army of braindead retards spamming the same youtube videos that only appeal to people that don't understand the basics of crypto. If bcash never existed btc price would be higher, more stable and the markets would be generally less confused. Bcash doesn't do anything other cryptos don't already do so all it has added is pure FUD.

This shit is crazy lel

That's such horse shit and you know it. You sound like a communist blaming capitalist for their shitty system not working.

Bitcoin dominance and market adoption was falling before this communal split and Blockstream changed bitcoin into Segwit. Don't blame Bcash for following the whitepaper and attracting merchants where Segwit failed.

bcrash is just a vehicle for BTC whales to fuck with the normies and we get caught in the crossfire

fuck ver

All your claims are based on bcash memes that don't reflect reality. You're informed by the exact same youtube videos I mentioned, completely deluded. If it was really just about tech bcash wouldn't try to market itself as Bitcoin, it could use its own name and marketing. Everything about it is a scam.

us gov has already weighed in and declared bcash the real bitcoin, not even kidding

also bcash seems to be working on smart contracts and privacy? seems they have active updates and expansion in mind

aj didn't hurt trumps numbers. he's got a pretty massive audience. this is a good move for roger ver. aj has more credibility with more people then you might think

>I don't want any regulations but if you hold bcash the boomers are right, you need some protection from yourself.
Youre a fucking moron who don't understand trademarks, or free software, or the history of bitcoin. You're just a bugman cuckold moonkid, you have no understanding of crypto.

Its marketed as bitcoin because it is. Its Segwit that is co-opting the name, dude. Segwit was the change in protocol, not Bcash. In what world is removing signatures from transactions bitcoin?

>axpire fags will actually think he'll mention axpire

Mwahaha like he is an actual advisor and didnt just sell the right fo use his name.


There was no interview and Roger Ver is DUMPING on YOU

>But you will keep asking for proofs and saying this is a "nice argument" because this is the default behaviour of bcash shills.
That's true, the default argument of Bitcoin (BCH) holders is to argue during arguments. We don't make baseless assertions like you are doing now.

>more repeating of memes
All the other early cryptos are also just forks of bitcoin, none of the reputable ones called themselves bitcoin because that would only cause confusion, like bcash did. Hard forks have been proven to be close to impossible without an incredibly pressing reason that forces consensus. Segwit moves forward instead of settling for 2009 tech and needing a hard fork like cashies want. Signatures are still there, all your memes are wrong.

>Bcash doesn't do anything other cryptos don't already do so all it has added is pure FUD.
Bitcoin (BCH) is literally the only coin planning on using industrial computers as nodes rather than desktop computers and laptops. Industrial computers are literally 1,000x to 100,000x more powerful than desktops and laptops. So the Bitcoin (BCH) blockchain will be capable of 1,000x to 100,000x more than every other blockchain. But keep telling yourself it does nothing new.

What would be the point of that though? How much could they actually pay him? It was a 10M ICO and he's worth 52M.

Oh what a day it will be when Core liberal cucks find out their precious LN is a series of nodes that must go through centralized hubs for transactions to go through. Remember LN is prefunded so those with the most funding become hubs and can open and close payment channels at will. Even sell your transaction data if they wanted. That’s what happens when banks back Blockstream and you’re fooled into thinking a offchain solution is safe. Bitcoin Cash provides on chain scaling, .01 cent fee, and instant transactions. If you are buying BTC you are not the “smart money” entering the market you are buying a dying coin. Smart money is moving to BCH so are merchants and businesses. Don’t be stupid biz you’ve done a lot for me time for me to give back. If you choose to not believe or not even check what I’m saying is true then you’re a dumbass or a paid shill.

>Signatures are still there does Segwit work

Also, your ignorance is showing. Hardforks are a fact of life in crypto, they are normal upgrades. Before Blockstream literally blocked all development on bitcoin they occurred fairly often, just like they do on solid coins like Monero, hell Bitcoin Cash HF'd a couple months ago.

Do you guys believe in these nutjobs?
Fluoride free toothpaste? The only working ingredient in toothpaste is fluoride........

>intending to devote a lot of resources to keep running outdated tech is progress
Cashies are so deluded they thing if I spend a hundred million dollars making sure dogecoin has the infrastructure needed to handle a bunch of transactions that makes dogecoin a good solution to the problem.

You aren't living in the real world, deluded into thinking you have a handle on things you don't understand the basics of. There are too many different groups invested in bitcoin in different ways for a hard fork anymore. Miners don't accept what users want and vice versa and yes the fucking signatures are still there, google it yourself.


>What would be the point of that though? How much could they actually pay him? It was a 10M ICO and he's worth 52M.

1M at a time I guess. He did a tweet and the Markhams are putting his name next to their cash grab. I'm worth half a million Eur (non crypto) and still doing stuff for 1k at a time. It adds up.

>comes from the ideology thats based around being narrow minded


So bcashies indeed have an army of people defending the coin!

>literally incapable of following the link "Let me Google that for you" showing how Segwit works and removes signatures from transactions
>tells me to google

You haven't refuted anything, all you've done is appeal to authority at best and stick your fingers in your ears saying "lalalala" at worst.