Spend $55k in December and got 3 BTC in return

>spend $55k in December and got 3 BTC in return

How long until I get that $55k back lads?

At best, a year

literally never


two months

1 BTC = 1 BTC

you could've gotten 11 if u waited..

Few years of wageslaving.

bought it at a stupid price, you really are an idiot

relax op it'll be 25 by mid summer

my suggestion is to just end it

Why would you ever buy at peak price? You are legit retarded and deserve to lose your investment

1 day.

I bought at peak and immediately threw it into shitcoins which then proceeded to peak

Then the crash brought me down to initial investment

What a RUSH

Sorry for my stupidity, I don’t know much about crypto, but assuming bitcoin is on a downwards trend right now, would it be a great time to buy for a first time buyer? Is this shit going back up or will it go to 0?

That's what literally everyone here is wondering and anyone who gives you a definite answer is lying. Personally I think we're going lower before it becomes bullish again

Put 50k in right now or forever be broke and sad

Between 1 day and never.

Don’t do this

Literally never. Consider moving to North Korea, you'll have a better standard of living.

this is actually a realistic answer

patiences is key OP, stop checking the price.