You still haven't figured it out?

You still haven't figured it out?
Tell me what's wrong with
Still going strong and now translated into 5 languages, including alstralian.

>inb4 it's created by the same guys as PoWH coin

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Let's begin with why it's isn't bad:
>impossible to exit scam
>10% of each transaction( buy and sell) goes to the pot to be distributed to coin holders
>made by different devs than PoWH
>totaly open source
>had a beta for 18 hours which it was assaulted with 4000 eth with no issue
>can't be hack because there is no input function
>has been running longer than any other clone coin
>biggest market cap of all the ponzi coins
>getting updates to the site daily include translations in multiple languages(i know I already mentioned that)
>pull your money out any time with "get me outta here feature"
>store eth there to during bear
>functions outside of market swings
>easy to join

i want to fuck Lain and i'm ashamed of it

Its not by the same head guy pls dont lie

God i want to impregnate lain

>mfw you make money on ponzo scheme but lose it cause ETH is crashing

The problem is we know you are the owner spamming it. Stop spamming

because PoWHShadow has been, and will continue to be, better

It's not. I understand if people are wary after so many people lost money to those other guys. I get it. I did too. But just keep this on your radar and watch if for a couple days. It's not going anywhere...

What the fuck are those characters?
I feel like if I copypaste them my soul will explode.

Nah, I'm just in it m8. Don't be l8, no h8.

>literally has the word pyramid in its name
Fucking kill yourself. Human trash.

>he doesn't get it
at least do some research please

We have the final evolved version of ponzi that got over 2 million into ii in hours from Veeky Forums alone. This,, is what everyone wanted last week and it's RIGHT HERE. It's the omega coin Veeky Forums always wanted.
It's going to last years and it has only.jist begun.

I beg you, DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Look yourself and know.

My shitcoin bags are full. :^)

Are you shit coins going to quadruple while giving interest while it sits?


First of all, my shitcoins are not a literal ponzi scheme.

Oh you mean the guys that locked 900k in a smart contract because they were too incompetent to proof read code? Is it those same guys who eventually hacked that same smart contract and, instead of giving the funds back to their owners, took it for themselves?

Those guys? Ya no fuck you. Funny how the coin you are trying to meme stole its code from ethpyramid, yet you clain yours is better. How cute.

Oh? Let's be honest, how much of crypto is a scam? Look at tron for example, or bitconnect, they are a scam but didn't tell anyone.
This one is transparent, there no bullshit, no product to wait for and no private owners to swing the direction. This shit is so off the chain, I understand if you can't even right now.

Big bump

So has anyone been able to address what's wrong with yet??


Bump. This one is safe, it's been up for a week


Other than what you associate that with initially, what's wrong with this? You realize it's only a name



0xffffffffffffffffffffff approved. Test and vetted for bugs