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>commission free and no minimum to open

> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on cash/securities and fees from their Robinhood Gold service

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

Interactive Brokers
>$1 commission per 100 shares. $10k minimum to open, $3k if 25 or under. Lowest margin interest.

TD Ameritade
>$6.95 commission per trade. No minimum to open. Fantastic data/charting through their free ThinkorSwim service

Degiro (Cheap broker for Europeans)

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S&P 500 VIX Futures (For XIV/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for XIV)

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These prices are great for buying.

>S&P 500 VIX Futures (For XIV/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for XIV)
>lower is better for XIV)

Which penny stocks are bleeding hard?

Thoughts on buying the Fortis dip?

Why do people hate F?

Yeah I forgot to fix it lol

What will be the new volatility meme? SVXY seems like it's staying:

and nothing about VMIN yet?

F is great.

It is still a steal at 10.60

Give me some memes, Veeky Forums

I reupped at 10.45, but people kept saying hey don't do that.

>x years later i am still bagholding ptn

I think so, the other ones are dead for the moment. I'm sure they'll come back too eventually.

>good earnings - price doesn't move
>bad earnings - price doesn't move
>look at 5 year chart and see that it's been trading in a steady downward channel

It should be a great deal at these prices but no one ever fucking buys F so it just never goes up..

Memes bankrupt you.

I'd say wait for friday/monday, think it'll go lower.



this morning volatility was easy money

wew I was joking about infinitely derived products in the previous thread, that's a monster

how are you bagholding PTN

its up a lot recently, surely you are green now

Fair enough.

I hope it reverses its trend & starts climbing
>TY Trump

It is at a great price right now, it should breach 11 pretty soon. It is also great to simply hold because of it has good earnings.

Yeah I was reading that it actually had some XIV in its portfolio too

It shouldn't go too much lower just based on the dividend payout.

tfw shitcoin is crashing again

its exposures literally make no sense

>surely you are green now
ofc not otherwise i wouldn't bagholding it user

when tf did you buy



I got out yesterday. Sorry, boss.

because it's a shit boomer stock



Because as a company, they have no future strategy. The car industry is going to be the next mobile phone industry. If you don't get with the game, you can die very quickly.
>haven't carved out a market segment for electrics
>nothing on autonomous vehicles

Twitter says $XIV trading about to resume

With all these discounted prices what should I put in my roth ira this year?


Credit suisse is terminating it on February 20th


This reasoning for avoiding Ford would also be reasoning to buy Tesla, and whoever else has the best electric vehicles in the US currently right? Which i cant even think of at that moment, Toyota and Nissan with the Prius and Leaf are both Japanese so sigh

Yes trading it just resumed though
Opened at $9.98

My broker is still showing it as halted

GM has decent electric shit Ford is catching up Tesla

SPY, much better liquidity.

ATOS is developing a cure for cancer! Invest in BPTH and NLST! To the moon!

I need a new meme today! Budget is $15

First reply and I buy



Word. Dumping 5k into it in a few days


Tesla has a niche in the luxury electric sector. There isn't really anyone that compete in that field right now.

Consumer electric vehicle has yet to catch on because they are still too expensive. But unless you put in the investment in now in developing the core technologies and have plans for industrialising it, it will be too late once Toyota/Nissan rolls out an all-electric model for under $20k. But I do have to say the Japs are absolutely retarded with aesthetics on the Prius and Leaf.

Robinhood let me put in an order.
Imagine if you went all in on XIV in 2011 and held the whole time.

Well that other guy just said Ford "have no future strategy" so looks like you guys are opposite on that lol

I will have to put GM on my list to check out, would be nice to have a non Tesla automotive stock personally

they have electric models, they are shit and nobody buys them but they do have them. GM is better than Ford in the electric car department but worse than the Japs.

I think the 1st gen Prius styling was good just because the US market for early hybrids was a bunch of pretentious liberals who wanted to thumb their noses at everyone else and flaunt how much better they were for driving a car that was "good for the environment". They should've definitely made the 2nd+ gens look more like traditional cars if they wanted them to have mass market appeal though. The Leaf always looked fucking retarded.

How'd NNA treat you?



NAK I mean


As an investor does this really matter though? If nobody is buying their product, who cares? Unless yout hink they can make some great strides in value and marketing on that shit soon, it almost seems like their failure is worse than if they hadn't tried at all yet, at least then theres some sort of unknown variance thats worth something

Never bought it, must not have been the first reply

Oh I made money off NAK :)

Thanks user!

yes you can reasonably make the argument that Ford and GM will still be dominating the US market in 20 years with their shitty electric cars and Tesla will jsut be a meme stuck in the luxury department or bankrupt Tesla doesn't have the infustructure to mass produce shit tier consumer cars

XIV is a very impressive meme. In 1 day it did what took UVXY all year.

if youd just held youd be up more do you sell to mitigafe risk?

I'm bored and I'll run a second meme this week.

Budget is 15, first reply and I buy!


>mfw looking at the retards buying svxy
>buying a short of a short isnt a short
i dunno what some of these people are thinking

TVIX about to blow

>that strong DJIA support @ 24250

Im still very new to this and trying to work through a thought process on how to value future companies, im not trying to be simple or pedantic lol

If tesla ends upw ith the tech and needs the Ford or GM infustructure is it possible they team up on that, or are thoes companies so opposite they have too much pride for that?

This hurt me, but it's done

have 100 dollars what absoulte shit atock do i put that can make some money?

its volatile af, i blew past my 10% profit for the day. So i didnt get greedy and sold. Coulda made more or if i held longer would have got fucked by IV crush

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Hold on adding another 100 SVXY.

they all have the tech as far as I'm aware they will be releasing electric pick up's and SUV's in 5 years or so TESLA doesn't have the factories the infrastructure or the workfroce and it has a shitton of debt and in general it's an overbought stock even in the luxury department BMW Mercedes and Audi is catching up to them

TVIX get in at 13.20 it is about ot fucking blow

If you want, GM and F are still good buys, as it will be years before electric market truly take off.

Just to clarify I'm not saying they are bad stocks, I'm saying their lack of vision and strategy puts long term investors off. Short term they are still profitable, and likely to remain so for a while.

What I don't get is why they don't just slap a sleek bodywork on a basic internal. A bit like a Mazda Mx5. After all the body work won't really cost you anything extra.

The key point is Tesla is trying to industrialise, the Model 3 marks a significant step in taking a bite out of the consumer market with its $50k price tag. And they can do better. A lot of the cars are still hand assembled because Tesla lack the expertise for full automation that's the industry standard today. But once they get that, plus perfect the industrialisation of mass battery production (this is big), they can conceivably sell something like a Model 3 for $30k. This is why their stock is so overvalued right now.

>the Model 3
was a major fuck up tho. They not only couldn't deliver they couldn't fill the orders since they couldn't actually make them to fill the orders and the car itself is a piece of shit TESLA doesn't have any fucking money to actually expand operations needed to compete with the big boys

I'm in at $12.95, you better not be wrong user.

I would consider myself a short term investor I think, are you meaning like sub 5 years? If GM and F are profitable bets for the months to come I don't really get why you would avoid that if you are a 'long term investor', aka just being lazy? Surely there is a spot for people that aren't making moves daily, but also aren't holding for 5+ years no matter what.

>not buying UVXY a week ago

100 times this. Fuck Tesla.

Don't act like you made some smart calculated move

You literally bought it on a gamble and it happened to work out.

I know the Model 3 has a ton of issues, see
>A lot of the cars are still hand assembled

But the point is you fuck up, learn from your mistakes, and better yourself next time. This is true for people and organisations. Tesla is learning, and customers in general seem quite forgiving and happy to give them some time to sort their shit out. So they will fix the issues with the car, poach some people from the big car firms who knows how to automate production, and 5 years from now it will be a very strong company.

Contrast this with someone like GM or Ford, too focused on delivering shareholder returns today to try anything but small scale electric demonstrators. Too risk averse to invest in major operations such as battery/electric motor production. 5 years from now they will still be making minor tweaks to today's models, and maybe a couple of electric demos which will have as many issues as the Model 3 has today.

Last chance on TVIX

so what youre saying is... Now is a good time to buy cheap Ford


The Chevy Bolt is the best selling EV in the US and they aren't hitting their sales numbers so Chevy had to cut production on them because they can't sell 23k cars in a year. On the other hand, even with all the problems that the Model 3 has they still have 500k preorders pending. The amount of interest in Tesla's "cheap" electric vehicle is an order of magnitude greater than pretty much all other car manufacturers EV offerings put together.

I personally can't wait for Tesla to collapse but they know how to create a lot of hype around their vaporware products.

>thinking I haven't sold my soul to the chaos Gods for infinite knowledge and mastery of the market


Ford and GM have the actual capital to invest in and mass produce consumer electric shit they don't because as it stands it's just not fucking profitable, That's why TESLA is also simply not profitable they have a ridiculous amount of debt these faggots are releasing bonds whose credit rating is currently a B- with S&P and Moody's a downgrade will send them packing to junk status if their ER doesn't deliver results.

> customers in general seem quite forgiving and happy
this right here is the problem. The customers are retarded. Telsa is a fad that is liked by upper middle class progressives and faggots it's the car version of the Iphone X and retail investors love it because they have faith in Elon Musk and that's what's keeping Tesla afloat right now. Musk is a great businessman he does have a lot of charisma he did attain massive success with the like of Paypal but the auto industry is not fucking payal and reality will catch up to him eventually.

Went all in on UDOW when's the bounce?

Basically yes, there's almost zero risk on holding F or GM for the next couple years. You will likely trade mostly sideways, but if you can swing it you can still make decent money, not to mention the divvys.

>Chevy Bolt
Have you seen how fucking hideous the thing is? No wonder it doesn't sell just like the Priuses and Leafs.

What's wrong user, you don't want to drive a car that looks like a children's toy or something?

I hope you’re right user, ive been bagholding from premarket and its caused me to go down nearly 2k

You can't carve off a slice of the future market by being profitable. This is exactly why a lot of people (myself included) avoid companies like GM and F. They are too near-term profit driven. I reiterate that I don't see a drastic change in the car industry in the short term, so they are still "safe" at least for a few years. But when it does hit eventually, incubents like GM and F are going to tumble overnight like the Nokia and Motorolas.

Getting a new product to market ALWAYS cost more money at the start. But once you get there you reap long term rewards.
I'll give another example in Boeing. Remember when they first rolled out the 787 and batteries were catching fire left and right? They were lucky they didn't lose an aircraft I guess, but it generated a LOT of negative press, not to mention how much cash it was costing Boeing to fix it. It wasn't until very recently did they finally manage to break even on unit cost. But by undertaking the venture they positioned themselves strongly, and their civil airplane business is doing fantastic.

All aboard the TVIX train. Here we go boys

Also make sure you sell before 3PM EST for optimal gains on the TVIX train

Why the hell would you buy VIX products NOW??

Are you out of your damn minds?

I'm still holding UVXY but that's only because I bought 4 days ago, not at the top this massive jump