How does it feel atm that not only Bitcoin but also most American stocks, and especially the US Dollar...

How does it feel atm that not only Bitcoin but also most American stocks, and especially the US Dollar, are plummeting way too fucking down? It gotta be such a horrible week for America, my yuppies.

Hold On for Dear Life

>dat grammar
Pajeet go away

American's literally had the congressional hearing that will save crypto

>but also most American stocks

I don't think it's happening this time, they had given it a chance before. Not happening brah.


It will just rise again in the long run. Calm down.

The U.S economy dictates the world economy you dipshit. If shit gets too bad we'll just invade your shithole country and steal your resources as is tradition. AMERICA NEVER LOSES

omg you're right it's a total disaster better sell everything

Yeah, a fucking rise of 0.32% does not mean shit at this moment. Wait a couple more hours for it to go down.

I am pretty sure it will actually, but for now let's begin the speculation

and neither did a drop of 4 and a half precent you fucking mong

>tfw swings in my portfolio are worth more than a decade of your wage slavery

who the fuck says yuppies anymore

People in ATX

>It gotta be such a horrible week for America,

"Dumb it all the way down."

Look again, it's turn around Tuesday

Russia has more gold than America. Too bad the US is based on literally nothing. Such a ponzi scheme.

I don't understand why whenever there's a crash the foremost opinion of people is that it's a 'bad' thing

I'm holding more in bitcoin than ever right now thanks to absolute wonderful fire sale that has gone on for a month or so
I hold this to be much better at least than the alternative, watching the price of crypto/stocks/anything go up and up and up forever to become forbiddingly expensive to enter the market and see huge gains

we have the biggest military in the world by far. if we don't want to pay for something who is going to make us?

The USA is based on freedom.

feels great cuz I shorted and loaded up on more cheap coins


> I have more gold so I'm richer

lol at your low iq. 3 things determine a country's real power:
access to resources like oil and freshwater

US btfo's russia on all 3 accounts. If we want something we take it

click "5 day"

Thank the democrats and specially the Fed for raising interest rates - obama's yellen got get rid of her.