What do you think about prostitution coin?

What do you think about prostitution coin?


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>linking the wrong site
What did OP mean by this?

What species of estrogen is this?

that is an octaroon

The best

It's just a ref, which gives +10%.

Pinkdate should get with people in the industry who know how to beat backpage into the ground. Without stealing the sluts away from backpage there's no hope at all

Exactly that is the plan.
Their VP is an (ex?) escort.

> jena frumes
> ethnicity: mixed with Black, French and Native American
source: thefactninja.com/jena-frumes-facts

She doesn't look too bad for a negro.

i agree. mixed woman can look astonishing beautiful.

she'd look better though if she was white.

Why don t you ask your mom? Or your father

literally 56%

100% of my dick wants to be in her

i'm swiss so i don't see often 56% people.
but imho she looks beautiful.

this is a 1 in a 1000000 mutt, a real rare ocurrance


>Nipple bars


Very bullish on this. I am all in

She won't even look in your direction.

so it's decentralized pimping?


This is actually interesting.

some white chick got blacked and out came this subhuman

La AbominaciĆ³n


I like this project buuuut locking ETH at $1100 right now? LOL. Come the fuck on. Bad timing for them.

>PinkDate generates revenue by
charging 20% of each transaction
Why would whores give up 20%?
>Despite the size of this market, there are no large national or international agencies
or platforms
There are loads, adult work for one is free

she's cute though

What's wrong with that?
If ETH rises, you'll get more tokens retroactively.

That's an ad network for a million different services. I'm sure there's millions of taxi services too, but everyone uses Uber.

If it rises over $1100, which it won't.

Have you invested? Have you received your tokens already?

>pierced nipples

I have. And no, they're aren't made yet.

I went in at pre ico.
Bought with BCH and bought at 0.6 the value of it so almost got double the tokens for the price.

user , you would feast on those nipples if she give you the chance. Stop being such a delusional faggot.