Patrician, Freeman or Slave

Hello Biz
All fudding aside I only have 1600 LINK

1)Does this mean I will have to little and be a propertyless slave in with the nolinkers
2)Is it enough to be a freeman who can have property but I will still have to work
3)Is it enough that I will be part of the patrician oligarchy and can never have to work again?

Please advise?

probably option 2

10k is minimum to make it

>he fell for the link meme

option 2 in 2020/2021 most likely

>option 2
I felt that was the case but am sad. At least I can have a house maybe though.

1600*10$ highly likely when mainnet is released

So no not enough. To make it you need at least 100k link. 200k to be certain (5$ per unit)

I have 2k right now and I'm aiming for at least 10k in the coming months

I cannot afford that much I have children.

Sell the kids.

kek, 10k should be enough. 20k to be sure.

Ah who would I read CS Lewis to then? Plus hugs.

CS Lewis will be read to you. Sell the kids to rich satanists.

5k link here.

I'm gonna make it

If you don't wanna part with them completely, you can rent them to a sex dungeon for a year or two.

When LINK reaches $100 you can buy them back and hug them all you want. I am sure they will understand what you have done to them when you tell them, you invested in LINK

Most likely, they will cost less after spending a year in a dungeon. So you can look at this not only as at a way of getting more LINK, but as at a way to efficiently short your children.


You need at least 1B link to make it sorry user

Just look at all the green itt

confirmed 1000$ eoy

Nifty idea, I bet some desperate pajeets are taking notes on how to short their children.

Jezus christ im afraid to post here.

jesus user take that cute shit off this board there's no room for it.

Unironically all in on link.