Denial Phase

prove me wrong.
Pro-tip: You can't, because you're in denial and I'm not.

What a pointless post

I am NOT in denial!

>bitcoin at 7k
>it was at 700$ just 12 months ago

there is no despair here yet, only fear and denial

we are in capitulation. prove me wrong

do you jack off to that picture?

>he sold the dip

I see that you posted the wrong one OP, no problem that can happen sometimes. Here have the original one

not yet 4k capitulation, despair 500 - 100$, thats when the suicides begin and people lose everything. for example btc at 500$ would put ripple at 0,059$ assuming it keeps up in sat value.

that's the 2013 bubble on the left, 2018 on the right


Denial was months ago, we’re in fear/capitulation.

Is someone is still convinced about a BTC recovery to $20k in few weeks/months is in the autism phase.

were in capitulation you faggot

Did you hear what the SEC just said... Here we go boys

*weeks ago

this desu

>frog months

Set your language to english or else

See you in October space cowboy

So what you're saying is that we're about to enter despair

These brainlets never cease to amaze me. It literally repeats with every cycle.

Now @ "fear"

>charting on Coinbase
>mountains instead of candles or lines