CNN is making fun of us

CNN is making fun of us.


STOP watching soy news

/v/ is threatening to kill us again!!!!!!!!!!

>Cadet Bone Spurs


/pol/ is threatening to throw us in the gas chamber again

Gib link

/g/ is mocking everyone selling their used gpus and cheering the death of crypto

/leftypol/ is gathering around my house with the guillotine again


why are you watching CNN?

Veeky Forums is cooking without us


fake news says don't buy btc?
thats a buy signal if i ever heard one

Rundown ?

Earlier on Fox Business, Stuart Varney had a guy on the phone, don't know who he was, but he said bitcoin was a good buy. It's not all bad press, but I would expect nothing but bad press from CNN

/pol/ack here

Everyone on Veeky Forums is making fun of you because you guys are fucking retarded. Most of you still think it's a good idea to HODL, lol.

I'll never give you my LINK

Trump just called us 'very inexperienced'


Everyone making fun of us is a nocoiner faggot who didn't buy last night and realized this was their last chance before 50k. Fuck em.

What will all the 800k empty seats at the airport think of us now!? Investing in kys now.

/g/ here. I'm laffin at you retards that think that things made out of thin air can have any value. That includes fiat money. Get kek'd in your satanic jewery

remove the red circle, it ruins an otherwise good meme

Stuart Varney should hang himself with his faggot pink tie.

Who made it got the photo like that, and the photo quality is too low for me to remove it without letting artifacts.