how do you feel about the Tesla marketing stunt coming up in about 120 min?

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I think Elon plays too much Kerbal space program, but generally the thought of a car in orbit around the sun is still a "What a time to be alive" moment.

Thanks just bought 100k

I'm really excited, can't wait to drive my lambo on Mars.

Elon is actually just shipping it to his moon base


live stream

Pretty cool desu. Veeky Forums just hates Elon because everyone loves him. They are worse than hipsters in that regard. SpaceX is fun as hell to watch. They are landing their fucking rockets. This is literally a sci-fi dream come true.
>Hurr anti normie and mainstream
You can bet your ass that biz will start hating crypto once it goes mainstream.

Veeky Forums loves Elon what are you smoking newfag

Tesla is literally an Enron level company

Is mars even going to be where its supposed to be for this thing to orbit it?

This will be Russell's Tesla

Who the fuck hates Elon Musk here?

its going to orbit the sun and will be pasing mars an the way

Pretty stupid and petty.

They should use the opportunity to deliver useful payload to Mars, instead of hurling a fucking car into Mars orbit.

Veeky Forums is infested with /pol/tards. A lot of spergs here hate him for some made up reasons.

>rocket has a 50/50 chance of making it
>hurr durr why don't you strap a multi-million satellite on top of it
Build your own rocket you literal nigger.


Elon's cool but alot of his fans are the same people who rioted over mcdonalds szechuan sauce
I think it's just being put in a solar orbit that simulates a mars transfer.

i'm not an elon musk fan but i gotta admit that's pretty based

If all you lockheed martin pajeets have to come in here to FUD TSLA, then it must be a pretty good move on their part.

everybody with testosterone who likes good old ICE sounds and performance
>muh 5000lb pigfat lolcan'tturn fagmobile that does 0-10 in 0.000001sec

Well if no one buys your car, shoot it into the space

Except it actually does something. Except that it can't get model 3 production running and wastes time on stuff like this!

>wastes time on stuff like this!

At least he figured out what do with all the unsold Tesla's he's making.

why do they get to use NASA's launch pad to launch a car to space and we aren't allowed to use it to send our memecoins to the moon
it's bullshit if you ask me he never even reported a profitable quarter for his companies a complete joke.

afk sending a car around Mars brb

we're launching exotic cars into space as marketing stunts now. this is peak dumb money. these are the end times.

Big if true.

it's been delayed due to weather, might not happen today

If he had the support of the US government subsidizing all his adventures into cash burn I'm sure he would

>Veeky Forums just hates Elon because everyone loves him.
Let's ignore all the retarded shit he wastes his money on like fucking vacuum trains (because he's just rich, not actually intelligent)

Here is a (You).
How is gubment subsidizing SpaceX?

Launch is not planned for today. Its just to get more people to watch with the coverage of "failure"

definitley not looking forward to watch it EXPLODE like TNT IM NOT PAJEEET TNT ... cant remember the rest ... nigger on the streeeeeeeeeeeeeet, also death to america

Its cool af every knows this wether they will admit it or not.

The ultimate chadding of every alpha male in the world

>because he's just rich, not actually intelligent

pretty cool

Delayed again until 3:45 est

This is the sound a nigger makes when it can not figure out how a light switch works.



Do you own a private spaceflight company? Did you create a universally popular online payment system? Are you a billionaire that spends his money on shit he wants to see? I am pretty sure that the answer to that is that you are just a sad little nobody who lost all his money yesterday. You will tell me that you got rich on btc or some such lie. No one will believe it.LOLOLOLOLOLOL

> Veeky Forums just hates Elon because everyone loves him.
And totally not because he leeched more money than he actually earned, Elon is a nigger of whites, literal kike on welfare fooling people into investing in retarded shit.


pls bb he is just a government money sucker.

His "inventions" are actually scientifically impossible. Its a money drain, all his investors lose, and his company has never been profitable
What a great guy

he didnt create paypal faggot, hes credited as a founder but what part of it did he actually do. nothing.

/pol/cucks are in full force it seems. I'm off to Veeky Forums.

/pol/ loves him

This is what his ex-wife wrote:

"This, and the vast economic imbalance between us, meant that in the months following our wedding, a certain dynamic began to take hold. Elon's judgment overruled mine, and he was constantly remarking on the ways he found me lacking. "I am your wife," I told him repeatedly, "not your employee."

"If you were my employee," he said just as often, "I would fire you.""

He's based

Maybe if the team weren't numale amateurs we wouldn't be duplicating the same work done in the 70s, with LIVE cargo.

he created like 4 billion dollar companies in varying fields...hes literally tony stark ..u dumb?

which one of those actually made profit?
he's not even an investor he's a shill and by the looks of it top tier one