I sold at the bottom

I sold last night when Bitcoin was 6000. All my coins were plummeting so I panicked. It's not going back down is it.

Dont rebuy yet, wait until we fully recover and fomo back in at the top

who cares. you probably made a shitload of money, more than most earn in a whole year, just from sitting on the internet a few hours a day.

put shit into perspective.

i got out at the dead top today, and couldn't be happier.

will continue accumulating if we go hard n' low.

who the fuck knows dude it's just gambling at this point

nope, you fucked up. Buy now or stay poor

Stop this bad advice.

Op dod good, soon btc will be 5k, then 4k

Just to get immediately dumped on. The biz way.

Buy back in. These whales are going to eat the order book up to like 10,200 in the next day or so.

We're about to enter despair

This. Don't stress, op. We're not out of the woods yet.

OP never tell anyone this.

If your wife ever finds out you panic sold she will go out than night and get gangbanged by Tyrone and Jamal. Especially once Bitcoin hits 100k.

if people still advise you to sell, they just want to sell you their bags.

wait a month or two.


it was always just gambling m8
you are trading in an entirely speculative commodity with no intrinsic value

This is exactly what happened to me, except there was a third guy.

Dead cat bounce op. Chill out. See you at 3k.

Just go with a nice stable total stock market ETF and forget you were ever here.

You probably made the right call in the long run, I believe it will go down to 5-6k, if it goes above 8.4k then you might wanna think about buying even if it's at a loss.

Why exactly 8.4k?

>20 trillion 2020
Sorry friend, the boosters are warming up as we speak.

My first panic sell, I'm glad I learned it the hard the way.

>Implying the mean wasn't over-valued


dont worry user, there are people on this very board who had the chance to sell at 19k and they fell for the hodl meme and they are still holding:DDDD

Even in the 2014 crash they got a second chance near the ATH.

were not safe yet man, just wait.

despair was 5.9k fgt

This bear run really hasn't even ramped up yet.

don't worry, it'll go down

haha how delusional are you

man im sorry. it might hit 5-5.5k before we rocket. i hope for your sake

t. retards who sold at the bottom

woop there it is




I'm a nocoiner


Why would it crash again?

Veeky Forums in a nushell . It's going up well you better wait , it's going down sell sell preferably at the bottom. God i love biz.

No coiners can't comment. You're going to be bearish regardless of what Bitcoin is doing just by virtue of your bitterness.

this has been memed into reality. You realize that YOU are the problem, right user?

it hasn't reached the bottom yet, don't buy now

Go all in on ETC. Hold until the first week of March no matter what happens. Trust me.

No coiners come flocking in while most people in crypto for a year already have a mil and moved off this board

after hearing SEC today I would go all in


you can buy back at $500 in a few months

buy today and every day until february 16th

Realistically this is a good time to buy in if youre in tether or fiat.

It might crash more, but we're getting closer to the reversal.

What makes you retards think respectable white women want to fuck smelly apes? Porn memes?

Then again OP doesn’t have a respectable gf I’m sure.

There's no way this was the bottom.

Why sell though? Did you need the money? Did you invest more than what you were willing to lose? I get selling to swing it and buy lower but panic selling makes no sense whatsoever unless you were using your rent money on the most volatile asset in the world.


>held with titanium hands all the way down
>decided to sell entire stack when BTC was $5.8k because it was closing in on initial investment

Send help. This feels worse than seeing $280k evaporate from my blockfolio