Can we have a housing thread Veeky Forums?

Can we have a housing thread Veeky Forums?

What’s your rent situation like? Still living with mommy? Are there any RVfags/tiny housers in here?

I just started a new job and moved into a craigslist room with 3 relatively chill, youngish roommates for $600/mo (utilities included), in the DC metro area where you will not find studio apts for less than $1200. Feels bretty comfy for now but am thinking about going even more radical to reduce costs further.

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Live at home for free while I trade 0s and 1s on the Internet.

I rent my flat and I have 2 flats that I own that I rent out for more than what the rent on this one is.
money in money out its all good

live at home and pay utility cost to my parents
they are ok with it and why should i pay rent to some fucking sandnigger if i can live cheaper

i split a large one br with my bf. 995 a month total in a great neighborhood. i love philly.

god tier comfy

Moving back to London.

Tfw bitcoin didn't hit 100k yet so I have to spend half my wage, 1.5k a month, to live in a studio flat. Fucking shoot me.

I made barely over 100k last year wagecucking and I still live with mummy and daddy

Im 26, should I kill myself?

Yes, still living with mom. I hate it, but it costs me nothing. Crypto was the train to freedom, and I missed it.

All freshman at my uni are required to live in dorms w/ a roommate. I pay just under 1k a month for pic related, but included in that is a gym, unlimited swipes at cafeteria(both the gym and cafeteria are in my building, which is nice). Plus a lot of other stuff

Between that and tuition I build that cost into my margins for my SMM and ecommerce businesses, and so far I'm debt free.

was planning on moving out this month but down 30k in crypto lol.
24 still living with parents

Why would I want to live with some random douchebags instead of my family where I can comfortably play with fake money?

how do you jerk off?

>All freshman at my uni are required to live in dorms
One of the most laughable policies that American colleges administer.


I'ved fucked with my roomie in the room before, i dont give a shit

t. chad

why don't you use a laptop btw

>ywn jerk off in a big dumpster as you talk shit to dumb cunts who walk by while your stray dog bros guard you

Why even live?

At UMiami we had similar dorms, my roommate and I were both fucking and high-fived across the gap

its kind of a dick move, but he is on facetime with his girlfriend EVERY NIGHT who lives in alabama until like 2 am, so he kind of deserves it

>What’s your rent

What is rent? Don't you all own your property?

I do, it's in my backpack rn. MSI CX72

that's fucking awesome. I'm at FSU

>Don't you all own your property?
well yea

that's the next step. I am saving 10k more to put down on a house in the slums in tallahassee.

smash a girl when he is on FaceTime so his girlfriend thinks he is fucking around and never calls again
>no more midnight romantic bs

happened once

i live in a caravan in parents backyard

feels okay man

I live at my moms house and pay $300/month and help out

my city is really fucking expensive and I'd rather not live with multiple roommates anymore, that shit fucking sucks

Me and my girlfriend bought a small apartment close to the city's downtown last year. Its only 45 square metres, but we love it here. Cost about $410k.The dream is to get enough value in crypto that we can move to a bigger place. Currently down 80% though so fuck me right u guise

>only have cold showers (you get used to it)
>invest in a load of blankets
>never use central heating
>only eat cooked at home food
>grow weed, you dont need the special light and shit just grow shitty weed make it into edibles, sell edibles
>use your own shit as fertilizer for weed
>start cam whoring
>only use bicycle
>steal salt and sugar from maccy d's, never eat there tho
>sew up holes in your clothes
>go to a fountain at night, wear mask, wade around in the fountain and collect the change
>steal internet
>collect different insects to eat or use as bait to catch fish
>never get a game on steam untill you have completed every game you own
>entertain yourself with books from library
>make your own beer, steal ingredients

>collect different insects to eat
the fuck? Are times really that hard for you?

i didn't realize the crash was that fucking bad

is that what made you go "hmmmm rly makes me think" ??

lol top kek

also, if you use your own shit as fertilizer, you dont have to flush teh toilet. just keep on pissing in it cos the water level doesnt go up. can even sell ur own fertilizer just blend with ash + dirt

>have a big boy IT job
>still live at my mommy’s nice big house with 4 bedrooms, huge TV, and doggo
>buy my own food occasionally and do chores around the house
>pay 0 bills
>Work gives me an extra 50 a month for using my own cell phone but mummy still pays family plan
Living on your own is a fucking meme I’ve had 3 different apartments in the past and they weren’t worth the 1300 a month in expenses. The only downside is pussy is non existent but fuck it saving money > roasties. I will have to move out soon though since mummy is moving feelsbadman. Is having 18k in savings a decent stack of shekels before going out on your own for good Veeky Forums?


try 50k liquid assets and 50k in investments

would also like to know; I have 40k saved and 70k in crypto(yes, post crash), up from literally $1500 in 2016.

Idk what to even do with all of that money

Yes, going from cooking at home to eating fucking bugs like Bear Grylls kanoodled my noodle.

Yes daddy

You fucked up if you're living with parents, 27, real job, and only 18k savings.

I-I-I have 2.4k in crypto too anons 70% ETH 20% ICX 10% FUN that will be 100k by winter r-r-right????? Fuck should I just stay at mummy’s then for another year or two and avoid the rental Jew as long as possible?

>big boy IT job
>living at home
>not spending money on pussy
>only having 18k saved

did you lose the rest of your money in crypto?

I own a 3 bedroom house in the UK, I live here with my girlfriend, dog and cat.


I'm might be 19 but I'm a bit smarter than to blow it on a bitch

only a cuckold kike lover has time in the day to LARP as a poor crypto neet

I'm currently a NEET, looking for work. Ha e been living with my parents for that sweet extra cash flow every month


I was a NEET druggie till about the age of 21-22 until I got fed up with it and went back to Uni. 90% of people I know around my age have about as much as I do in savings in student loans funny how everyone on the ch0n makes 100k first year out of uni and has 6 figures in savings by their late 20’s.

What was your investment strategy user? All in on crypto long? Or some contemporary shit?

I mentioned earlier that my main source of income is a social media marketing agency. I also sell websites to each of my clients.

For the past year, every time I ship a site, I encrypt a Monero browser miner in the code. I use that monero to go into the rest of the market. I'm not an autist like most of the guys here so I stick with high marketcap coins.


>repair holes in shoes with white silicone
>dont use toilet paper, keep water bottle next to toilet wash your ass with that, thanks pajeet!
>take as much coffee and tea as you can from work
>get enough ADA for staking
>buy a annual pass for perscriptions
>get a job barrowing concrete, get paid no need for gym
>take condom to public toilets, squeeze all the hand wash into condom
>wire up your house to lamp post free electricity
>buy tools, get recepits, take tools back. use receipts for tax purposes
>pan for gold
>buy scap cable, strip for copper, sell copper
>cover you licence plate in dirt, fill up tank, dont pay
>buy btc on coinbase, sell on ebay
>steal out of date food from bins at supermarket
>cruise in public toilets for extra cash
>take wood from woodlands, burn to heat home
>milk your dog/cat, different from cows milk, but still good


also, I have a stable gf now who doesn't know the extent of what I own. She knows I have some, but not the the extent I have. All she knows is "I have some bitcoin" and I can afford as a freshman in college to drive a 10 y/o Porsche. All she really needs to know is I can afford dinner.

nice. how much you get from mining xmr? none caught you? impossible to figure out who put it there or no?

>encrypting miners
This kinda shit makes me wanna write a virus

>they think their time has literally no value.

Jesus christ you are dumb as fuck.

3bed 2bath
638 mortgage
26 years old; purchased when i was 23

Keep it this way and you're set for life about


you brag about this shit every chance you get.

why write a virus when you could just do what I do
None of them are smart enough to figure it out; my clientele is literally 99.999999% boomers who have to pay people to use excel for them

plus I disclose it in the invoice as "sitewide implementation of (miner)" and they HAVE to read it before they pay

no one's asked yet

i think I've maybe put this in 3 threads tops

Nice LARP faggot, you think those companies IT outsourcing vendors wouldn’t catch on to that shit?

how much xmr in usd monthly so far ish? genius imo

>those companies
im not THAT big, they're all wordpress sites for restaurants/clubs/law firms/small businesses etc

enough. Not NEARLY as much as I make selling the same people social media management and websites, though. It's just a nice little revenue stream I use to put money straight into crypto without having to deal with fees.

A homeless user was posting during the height of the bubble that he moved out of his hobo squat. Pic related. I wonder if he is back in the woods since the crash?

Own my own house. Cost a shit ton but it's near beaches and silicon valley and wineries

>All freshman at my uni are required to live in dorms w/ a roommate.

u wot
Is that normal in the US? What kind of retarded policy is that?

>still using a phone

These LARPs are getting completely out of fucking hand

Own my house. 3 bed/1 bath, ~1,200 sq ft. Will be moving this summer tho.

Tiny housers are idiots. you're paying $40-$60k for a glorified fucking shed built to RV specs. If you're going to spend that kind of money just buy a real fucking house. Or scan craigslist and buy a decent camper for $5k.

I've seriously never seen a bigger scam than "tiny houses".

Wow. That's the size of my garage. Seriously. I don't know how you guys do it.

I remember this thread. it was real. He had a picture

yeah it is as far as I know; the only exception is if you live with your fraternity/sorority or are local

No he posted a picture of the apartment where he was living and I asked to see his old hobo squat

Who eats a watermelon that way?
fucking nigger

... but why

Cryptochads should band together to buy a mansion, then make people pay them rent in crypto.

Fool proof.

>'old hobo squat'
>freshly setup, relatively clean
>perfectly clear modern camera picture

nigger this would be believable if he was using some old shitty nokia phone but he set this up and took some pictures and pretended to be homelss to meme you

god damnit i hate this board so much


because universities like money user

i am literally only here to get a piece of paper that signifies I can program, just in case my businesses fail at some point. it seems more and more futile by the day

i would actually move in desu. would be like a "team house" like esports teams used to have back in the good old days

Splitting rent with my mom @$950/mo (I pay half, plus utilities). Going to look into getting a studio apartment in the future, want to look into a house further down the line.

I've lived in many dorm rooms (or what its called in the states, groups of students living together) during my 6 years as student. Having my own apartment then is just amazing nevertheless. And if we manage to live this closely together we will manage anything;) And btw; living in this city is among the most expensive in the world



>I've seriously never seen a bigger scam than "tiny houses".
you are on Veeky Forums, you know.

>Moving back to London.
I live here (Zone 4) and cant wait to get the fuck out.

>Who eats a watermelon that way?
He probably has to eat it like that because he doesnt have plates or some way to wash up the watermelon juice.
Also watermelon juice would bring ants to his place pretty quick so he has to be careful.

>dude weed lmao
>paying for video games

toppe kekke

that's called a trailer park for hipsters


Live in a van, freelance, travel, eat whatever I want.

I pay about $1500/mo to live this way (that includes all gas, food, van maintenance, insurance, 4g internet with no limits, weekly hotel stays (i stay once a week in a hotel for cleanliness purposes), parking, tickets (to amusement parks, national parks, museums, concerts, etc.), gym membership (to exercise and take regular showers) new clothes, etc. Those are my only expenses.

After living with my mother all of my life and paying her mortgage for the past 2 years she finally tells me shes going to sell up.
The house is worth £600000, but she's selling in a rush so she will probably get £500k.
She said she has some debts and other costs so in the end we will get £200k each

I can work remotely so my plan is to get some cheap land and setup a tiny house on that. Literally just enough to put a postbox and garage on to store my RV when I'm on the land.

I don't think 40k GBP would get anything decent in the UK, let alone 40k USD

pic related will be my backyard in May.

Gayest shit I've ever heard

most land that has been farmed on is as good as deal
the soil is depleted

>because universities like money user
oh right makes sense, honestly didn't think about the fact that your universities are businesses first and foremost

>land that's being farmed on is depleted

You don't know shit about farming, crop rotation, or soil nutrients.

Did that for a while too bro. Would do it again lol.

>Northern Eurofag hating the cold
>See this weird thing called Ethereum developed by a Money Skeleton
>Looks promising. Buy 8000 of it for $7200 worth of Buttcoin
>Fast forward 16 months
>Sell 2000 for $690,000
>Fast forward another 6 months
>Sell 6000 for $4.5M~
>Fast forward another
>Decide to buy US citizenship for a $500k real estate investment in Florida
>Buy a house in North Scottsdale because it's the only warm place that doesn't have a lot of Mexicans

Pic related is almost an exact fucking replica of my house. In hindsight I should have held on to some ETH and waited for it to hit $1k, but that's spilt milk under the bridge.

>weekly hotel stays (i stay once a week in a hotel for cleanliness purposes)
Seems expensive, why not just fit your van out with a shower? many people do this.

The parking tickets and being harrased by police is why I would never do the vanlife thing without actually having my own land.

That and its hard to exist in this world without an actual address.