Pray for me Veeky Forums

I just bought another $10k LTC on GDax at $123

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worst decision you ever made

Good timing! BTC transactions are at an ATL with tx cost of less than a cent.

>do the opposite of Veeky Forums
it isn't working this time, KEK

It's going to $70 by Friday.

I bought 2 litecoins sold them for 25 a piece higher and made 50 bucks I really really really like litecoin.

its going to 7$ eom, filthy gentile, buy the 123 $ dip

Ltc bull run in December gave me profits for lots of shitcoins. Then the shit coins died.

Bought some at $118 with a bank transfer. Won’t have the coins until Saturday. Pray for me as well anons.

This is correct. Thanks for taking over my bags though, OP.

i made that mistake once way better to just put money in your usd wallet if you are using coinbase because then its immediate.

Wait till Coinbase starts listing other tokens, LTC will fade into oblivion

Dogecoin is the future


Good job. You now owe $20 in taxes. Spend your $30 wisely.

Good value investing advice user

I thought taxes was 15% not 40%

15% for long term capital gain (>1 year hodling)
40% short term capital gain, depend on your tax bracket

>Buying a coin who's autistic chinaman creator tweeted should be worth $10.

Thanks I'm new here. I make 25-30k a year so I'm thinking my tax bracket is lower than that but I'm not sure will have to do research.

to be conservative just carry 25% tax for your short capital gain. that's already include obamacare tax

I recently purchased 2.7 LTC

Welcome to the club user we are going to make it.

Thanks I will spend my $38.50 wisely.

like he's going to report his $50 earnings...

i unironically have some...

It will never break too far away from BTC but litepay is going to make LTCs recovery much more dramatic


This, the IRS doesnt come after you until $20k appears in your bank account with zero explanation

Because when he made the deal with Google to provide a litepay wallet Android app they forced him to sell so they couldn't get sued for a conflict of interest

why are you such a massive brainlet?

Here is an idea rope


Was that the one huge surprise he was talking in his Twitter?

No one knows what it is user.

Excellent, I bought in at $111 last night. Love the Veeky Forums hate for LTC.

Can you reasonably explain your decision?

LTC is the silver to BTC's gold. It's the normie coin. BTC ATMs are supporting it. Coffee shops accept it. Use your brain. Once market cap recovers and takes off LTC is mooning hard.

I asked about reasonable explanation, not meme "normies r going to buy" one, because normies will never buy again until btc is at least 20k and its most certainly not 20k right now.

Veeky Forums logic

>yeah lol buy fun its really great
>ltc, coin with practical use


yea, 1k end of year, safest investment other than the top 2.

* New exchanges in India and Mexico start to trade LTC
* Big exchanges are going to open registration back soon
* Robinhood crypto
* LTC community is a cult
* Old coin, won't have much issue with SEC
* Atomic swap with XMR
* Beloved in Darkweb.

what alts would u consider safe apart from top three? thinking monero or Elastos

The smart normies didn't fomo in like retards and buy at ATH

Darkweb's darling

monero yes, also if by top 3 you mean ripple, that is not a safe investment, could be very lucrative, but not safe when it isn't *really* a cryptocurrency.

monero yes, stellar has an interest of mine but im squeamish on it. in all srsness just do own due diligence.

a majority of my holdings are in LTC, BTC, and ETH. honestly everyone else should be the same way (except the LTC premise, i just cant see it being dead within this year as BTC rises, if LTC goes to the 1/4th of BTC that it's DESIGNED to imitate, we will see massive gains) that could be a couple years from now though, i see LTC 1k by end of year. and since ltc went from being worth 0.016 to 0.018 of a btc during this crash, i expect a higher ATH than the last bull run.

>New exchanges in India and Mexico start to trade LTC
not an argument
>Big exchanges are going to open registration back soon
Why do you think people will buy ltc there?
>Robinhood crypto
Why do you think people will buy ltc there?
>Old coin, won't have much issue with SEC
>Beloved in Darkweb
>Atomic swap with XMR
Yeah, XMR is lower on mcap you literal retard.
> LTC community is a cult
Cults only exist to transfer money to their founders and founder just cashed out.

you are correct. I won't make it

what percentage of LTC vs BTC vs ETH would u recommend? thinking more ether than bitcoin...dunno how to treat LTC though..

What's the best LTC wallet aside from core?

Just go for hardware wallet. Ledger blue. Try it and tell me how it is. I can't afford one.

only way LTC succeeds is by the work of the cult of lunatics that support this coin

buy more

The Gods smile upon you op gains and men are in your future

10K? For real? Got me 10 of those litecoin. What do they do?

If litepay will let me have access to my pk I'll keep some there. Thanks will try it.

yeah for real
>what do they do
they make lambo this year

I don't plan to use Litepay at all. Gonna buy this faggot's godl to cash out when the time is right.

>yeah for real
Yeah Nigger for real. I'm a bit bored of gaming and /v/ and thought buy the dip as you always say. Thought I try it out.
>they make lambo this year
I like lambos. How do they become lambos

>How do they become lambos
Whalebro could answer this

I guess and say Holding.

I'm a bit torn on LTC. I like the coin, I like the tech, I like the upcoming development, but seeing it gain so much against BTC so fast has me worried. I have nothing to show for this but my hunch is correction to .01550-.01650 BTC is the near term. The litepay thing isn't as exciting as everyone makes it out to be.

>Correction in Sats
I'll take that correction if BTC is 100k then