I have 10 ETH on Binance, what should i buy right now everything is cheap.



go all in LINK, buy me a big mac later

That faggot should have his hand up her dress.

i was thinking VEN or ICX

Unironically this. The more we have the better.


well dont buy eth or neo...
icos will be regulated... so yeah neo and eth or other ico platforms will get shook..

I would suggest QSP, just read whitepaper. Im not a shill, go ahead and pick a coin. However im up 5680% over the past 6 months.

He's actually a well known streamer and abuser of children. This is probably a sick joke of his.

Sell it at 750 an buy more tonight at 500 550

This unironically

Qtpie is such a baller



haven't US residents been restricted from 90% of ICOs for months now?


Keep half the ETH, buy EOS with the other half on the ICO.

yeah, he acts like twich chad, but actually he got unbanned from lol once, because his friends proved to a riot employee that hes actually an autist a he did believe them.

Request is super low
I also bought some ICX but not for holding too long.

Maybe some Ark too

just buy what dipped 80% and that had some hype behind it

This is the only intelligent option

FUN it's rock bottom and ice London is starting you can't lose

>fags shilling their coin with hopes it will stop falling

AMB, ICX, ADA or NEO. Anything else and ya playin yourself

what about BLZ just listed today and had pretty big hype during ICO.

not by the sec


he's not classically charismatic but he has built a career on being universally loved and watched daily by thousands of people
can you really knock his social skills? almost no one is able to do that

throw it away on ethpyramid


desu, chainlink.


he didnt get unbanned riot was thinking about banning him and IWD but scarra convinced them that qt was a legit retard.


Because people that watches HOURS of livestream are equally or even more autistic than he is.
>Getting to the point of giving fri moneys for a neckbeard to say ''thank you''



> what should i buy right now

Psychiatric help for asking a bunch of anonymous idiots for investment advice.

Why then would i put my money in something that already shot up? Besides, it is above $100mil market cap.

buy coins with good prospects. even better if they went superlow during the last days. rlc icx etc wtc ven xlm omg

woooo bitch

Everything. NEO and VEN will most likely skyrocket a few % more than other alts. ADA has some really nice volume aswell though.. simply buy what you feel for.

COSS might not be a bad idea.'s been seriously battered

BNB will pump during the next alt run