Nominated Clayton and Giancarlo

The two based SEC Char/CTFC Chairs who shilled for Crypto today in the Senate hearing

If it was Clinton nominies theyd be tied into the deep state and theyd have fucked Cryptos right in the ass


Now you see why Trump is the fucking man

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He also appointed a non jew to lead the Fed Reserve. I think he actually played the jews at their own game.

it's been over a year since the election why does clinton still live in your head rent free?

God bless America.

master deal maker.
capital for capital.

Fuck off plebbit.

Because you dont understand how big a victory it was. Its not Clinton, its the deep state she stood for

The US would be as cucked as your dad if Trump had lost

Only Trump moves I have been okay with. Dude is a fucking cuck and you autists know it. Just a cuck for other fucks. You think the Jews were bad? Just you wait. Enjoy this sweet spot while you can

kys paid poster

Maga baby fuck Obama and fuck demos!

based deep state living in your head rent free

t. Sold the bottom

Stay mad weakhands

Is this true?

If this is true, then god bless trump, this will be the first thing I feel like he actually did super well that could potentially explode our economy to an absolute astounding level.

>Big Eagle has landed, I say again, big eagle has landed.
>Weak hands have been shaken off. Commence the pump to 20 trillion.

Go get another faggy hole in your ear you democuck

MAGA you motherfuckers!

Everyone else is getting cucked meanwhile the US is bullish on crypto.

Giancarlo was the good one, Jay Clayton was a complete potato. Trump's a fucking moron, but at least he did one good thing while in office (appoint Giancarlo).


what do you let live in your head? What are your goals and aspirations? genuinely curious


he's giving us NEETS a chance to make it the dirty way like he did. he is most definitely our guy

guess that greatest ally is mad now

Told you fags Trump is pro-crypto.

>He doesn't want regulation to BTFO scam ICOs/pump and dump shit coins to consolidate market cap within legitimate projects/companies while also encouraging institutional money to invest.

>The irony of this statement

What coins does he have bros?


Did anybody expect any different? Democrats are big government, regulations, keeping people depending on government help and handouts. Everybody being equal means everybody being poor. Where there are winners, naturally there are losers, so winning (or getting rich) is kinda abhorrent for them.


Elizabeth Warren is a cunt

shit i might have to rethink my feelings about trump. This a strange one

He's satoshi

Trump is too unreliable, one advisor could tell him that crypto founds ISIS and he would ban it straight away.
Of course, that's still better than Hillary or any dem. Being terrible on occasion is better than being consistently terrible.
Left wing governments are pure cancer
t. live in a country with one

wait, as head of the fed now that the okd hag is leaving? what did they say about crypto?

Trump is pro crypto and bought bitcoin in 2010. Literally everything Satoshi has said aligns directly up with his economic views. Trump has browsed bitcointalk and Veeky Forums. You have to understand this man is 10 steps ahead of the highest iq in the room.
>mfw trump might be Satoshi

Trump can make retards fucking rich and they'll still call him unreliable, a moron, a cuck, etc

Strange how when financial markets go awry, the free-market / laissez faire capitalists come out to shill that everything is fine.

I'd just like to remind everyone that Republicans voted to bring back credit default swaps on mortgages a year back, America has one of the worst literacy rates in the western world, a healthcare system that fails the needs of a majority of its citizens and the vast majority of production and assets owned by a small group of people that /pol/ believe are the jewish illuminati trying to destroy America with SJWs and flood it with brown people while simultaneously making posts about how it needs to be protected.

Your economy is shit and your younger generation is going to be forced to pay the pensions of a generation that squandered the greatest opportunity that was ever afforded to one.

I hate you, but at the same time I love the fires you start. Seeing the smug bastard who's been winding me up for the past month about his bitcoin and vesting in XIV and telling me to get a life / gf when I disagree with him politically has been the juicest schadenfreude I've ever experienced that I'm almost coming when I've saw how devastated he was financially.

And I now have a qt asian gf too to boot.

>i am a good person who wants to help people
>also i like when this guy i have a minor disagreement with has his life ruined

Clayton was saying that all ICOs need to be regulated and registered with the SEC you inbred bufoon

Fucking idiot burger

>free to lose all your money in a pump and dump
God bless America

he's massively pro Israel

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Trump places insider patriarchs everywhere, even in FED. God bless him.

Because she won't go away?


in switzerland we can pay taxes and government services with crypto and dont get taxed for gains at all
we even have bitcoin atms and government-subsidized exchanges
>oh shit im so cucked fuck damn halp

Read the art of war and 48 laws of power ffs

Don Jr. a while ago mentioned he had Crypto holdings, so I'm sure he spoke to his old man about it once or twice.

How is he a cuck?

What would you call it Soros shills?


not sure if wisdom or just plain trolling

Pincohet was a leftist though.

>Giancarlo was nominated by President Barack Obama on August 1, 2013, to serve as a Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).[11][12][13]

That vile oppressive communist

Everything he's done so far has been pretty good.

still hated commies

>minor disagreement
Guy would start shit every time he saw me because he knows my political leanings. But I have a diverse sandwhich portfolio which he repeatedly called me a coward and boring over.

He won't look me in the eye now. I've ascended to chad status in 2 days.

That's a good thing.

>can't tell if parody or true delusion


>Pincohet was a leftist though

Thanks based orange guy

He literally threw out his American advisors and reinstituted state control of key enterprises. That's leftist as fuck.

Switzerland is a rarity just because it isn't Eurocucked. That doesn't mean USA is in a bad position

Tldr; im a faggot with pink hair


>state control of key enterprises.
>key enterprises
That's fascism, and is top right on the political spectrum. Also,
definitely not leftist

No he's not. This crash happened during his tenure. He's a bastard and you magapedes will suck it.

What crash you nigger? A two day correction is not a crash.

pls drumpf pls I js wanna be whale and evade taxes liek big boi

tittiecoin of course

It crashed from $800 to $7,200 during his tenure?

Look at the way the sunglasses fit over his bloated mass of a head

But experience has taught me that even if I did dye my hair and act like the cuck you think I am, I'd still get more pussy and more money than cheeto worshiping morons who jump on get rich quick ponzi memes.

Everyone who invested in this from the hodlers to the people buying up all the GPUs deserve what happened to them as do the morons who went all-in on xiv.


Wow, someone with knowledge.

You're informed about the secret society with Castro, Pinochet, Pierce and more.




There is a njggercoin?

I'd rather live the glorious life available to Americans, cheap land, housing and cars, than be in the EU watching the younger generations being replaced by islamofadcists who breed at 8x the rate of natives and are using commie/socialist useful idiots to usher in their regime. Have fun getting stomped by a gang of browns and not being able to arm and defend yourself.

Idk why I even replied. You are a moron talking like this is the first time Bitcoin has dipped.

>Cheap housing

this desu senpai.

>being this ignorant

You are either a boomer or are too young to be posting here.

Wow, really made me think

God bless Donald Trump

i would follow trump into hell unironically

Only morons chasing the get rich quick dream by playing hot potato bought into bitcoin in its current inflated rate.

Those same morons are now yelling about how it's just a dip and it's time to buy before it goes up again.

You know full well that bitcoin is going to fall a lot harder while every numb nuts with a brain cell is repeating the same shit. The lower it goes, the worse it will become.


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>M A G A




The Art of the Deal.

That image is cursed.

looks like a deluded arkie



hes a stinky linky

Fuck off
He is the biggest jew of them all
I hope you enjoy all them sweet taxes you dumb cunt

>That's a good thing


oh,yeah oh.. and we will build the wall btw

Good. It will keep americans from fleeing.