Moon incoming for TRX

Moon incoming for TRX.
Make way for the rocket, alien fags.
Get on before we go past fucking Mars and Pluto, assholes.

what makes you think it will do absolutely anything but slowly drop like it has for the past 3 weeks?

Shut the fuck you Beta fag, TRON is the Chad coin.
Proof is in the pudding, retard

Fuck all you fucking faggots.
Let soyboys be soyboys I suppose, more TRX for us real deal men

I'm sorry, user, our moon depends solely on BTC now.

Actually BTC follows TRX now.
Justin Sun is a trendsetter

lol it's not gonna keep slowly dropping
it's gonna rapidly drop
you know how btc bullruns slaughter alts? this is it for tron

what is even the point of this coin? It's an erc20 token right? What does it achieve?

can't be arsed to read the whitepaper

Most violent TRX bag shilling thread I've ever seen. Well done. I might have to pick up some more TRON when it hits 2c.

it collects money for china

Violent bag shilling lol violent lol careful with tron though boys


Yeah don't bother it's copypasta anyways. TRX is more of a beigepaper

TRON is essentially a complex network composed of an integrated blockchain settlement system and a P2P data engine system that offers smart contracts large file services and that allows intelligent cache and deployment.

with 450 devs

that will never deliver

Except they have delivered every promise on time so far, have a weekly development update and are working on a blog for daily updates?

TRX is the true Chad crypto. Just think about it. It receives universal hate on biz and plebbit alike and despite the hate continues working the fuck out (github commits) and banging Stacys (new partnerships). Even if they're not the hottest Stacys, still fucking and working its way up.

By end of year all the poorfags here investing their $10 into LINK praying for moon will be crying how unfair it is when TRX moons harder than anything they've ever seen before.

the single only hope for us tronnies is his sugardaddy intervening and pushing us to the moon.
or to .50$ at least.

Gonna buy more accessories for your bullshit dog game?

needs to moon bigly now

Normies love it, Veeky Forumstards hate it. Moon mission confirmed.

have 43k trx need to lambo

there is so many good coins at 20-25% of ATH right now dude, and you would buy fucking TRX ???

sry I'm not touching this chinese crap with fake volume

110k @ 0.02

bought most between 240-300 sats a in dec

>Shut the fuck you Beta fag, TRON is the Chad coin.

i only got 20k trx
for 1,5k fiat