2 more hours to go

2 more hours to go

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10k sats incoming


Implying this rocket wont shit the bed like the other ones.
Why do you think it doesnt have a single satelite

Stop asking questions and BUY!

>2 more hours to go
to what?


What am i missing user.

FairX beta launch????




I'm ready

Share news if there is news....
We need something to look forward to....
Broken hands from bagholding....

wakey wakey snakey snakey

upwards to the moon wakey snakey

XLM top 3

OP referring to Falcon bringing Stellar with it to the moon, or something.

News on way? Gib info. Also:


honestly the only real reason why XLM has gone down is because of the bitcoin crash. if you look at the sat chart, it looks pretty good. when the bitcoin shit show is over, i think we're gonna see a lot of green

n-nice trajectory s-stellar snake. Pls moon.


XLM is, to my mind, the safest bet in all this. People will gravitate towards the more serious alternatives, especcially following a series of dips. Team at DOGE or TRX arent gonna be able to keep up. So people look for somewhere safe to stay. Even Tether is out of the question. To me it seems XLM will rise up as a strong alternative, as it has a track record of being serious, backed by very serious institutions yet hold the necessary tech specs (decentralised, non-profit, etc) and aggressive plan. XLM will get a larger slice of the pie after this. Lets welcome the new converts from garlic, tron, denta, or whatever. You are all welcome in the warmth :)

Stellar is literally. And I mean LITERALLY going to save crypto.

Whatever comes first, FairX or Sdex. Expect Stellar to skyrocket the fuck out of this shithole bear market and become THE bread winner coin

No different to Amazon surging from the depths of the Dotcom Crash.

Mark my fucking words. Accumulate right now or regret it for the rest of your wagecucking life.

My Portfolio:
90% XLM
10% XRP

Rate me





SDEX has been out for ages

>buys stellar instead of elix

We think alike. Men with big cajones and certainty of vision do that.

100% xlm here. i don’t feel pain anymore.

bought 1000 more xlm this week

thatll be worth a nice piece of real estate in the 2030s


70% in on stellar, shit is gonna make me a millionaire

1 more hour bros

two more hours until pic related

paid shills hitting xlm hard
if you believe this trash will do anything you're a typical crypto investor

Explain why XLM isn't a fucking memecoin

Let me guess you own ARK

You realise stellar is a not for profit organisation yeah?

90% ETH 5% ICX 5% VEN

means nothing, everyone still paid the same as if it were a regular business, not for profit is just a scam title, look at the entire marijuana sales industry faggot shill

What are we waiting for

I believe 100% in the technology behind xlm. For xlm to succeed the prices have to stay low otherwise it defeats the purpose of the coin

Bought my bags back lads moon time

Wow, you're even dumber than I suspected...

Why XLM? Any exciting announcements coming soon?

I have 5k XLM at 0.75

My god i hope you are right

It's been over 2 hours. Can't find any news or anything. OP full of shit

Tom Brady is endorsing it

I heard that on ESPN.

Huge news if they werent joking and it was happening

It was the falcon rocket take off, has nothing to do with crypto, the logo is a rocket. Fu k u op

OP wtf???

some hints..? something?

>on rocket take off, has nothing to do with crypto, the logo is a rocket. Fu k u op
> Anonymous (ID: G/XWi7cU) 02/06/18(Tue)22:14:01 No.7391524▶
>OP wtf???
no hint's... nothing.

Which show was it discussed? Brady is heavily involved in advertising in many markets, so it'd be quite interesting if he goes for it.

Already got Lionel Richie on the game with the TD Ameritrade Bitcoin Futures.






I am inclined to agree with this gentleman. Watching XLM is rise in sats during the decline over the last 40 hours. XLM trading at 88k by Friday.


Should've got Nick Foles
That TD mocking Brady was gold

I’m 90% XLM 10% DGD

The low fees are attractive, but what's up with the logo? To be percieved as serious they must come up with something else.


>To be percieved as serious they must come up with something else.

Yeah, Google and Amazon logos are *so* serious