At a crypto gathering of CFAs

>At a crypto gathering of CFAs
>Harvard PhD and partner of a PE firm is giving a pretty good overview of crypto
>mentions ripple

Pretty sure I'm at a normie gathering. What should I ask him Veeky Forums?

Ask him if a DAG is better than a DLT

ask him if nimfamoney is the future

Ask how big their pink wojak folders are


Ask him if he could explain about the oracle problem?

a rare pepes the future or are we experiencing an over saturation at this current stage in the market

Better yet, ask him to explain the relationships and differences.

Ask him "where is the clitoris" and maybe you'll learn something new OP

never been to a CFA event. is it worth? i get the shitty magazine through the post every month but that's the extent of my participation

what society is this?
CFA charterholder here

ask him how long you should hodl

Ask him if pee is stored in the balls

my 2 satoshis exactly. do you remain abreast of any CE?


Maybe the back of the knee?

Ask him

ah winnepeg

Idk. I'm an IT consultant who got roped into this event. I feel like this is a basic introduction. The finance aspects of his discussion is welcoming though.

Bum fuck Winnipeg

What table you at senpai?

bro i'm hundreds of miles away from you
are you a charterholder as well?

i just tick the box each year saying i've attended 20 hours worth. i mean i probably do sit through at least 20 hours of training/development stuff each year but never really counted. it's nice that we don't actually have to list every single session we've attended unlike some other qualifications

what sessions? they're just articles and material to brush up on and you clock in the amount of CE each one is worth.

agreed. at least they're recommended and not required.

how long have you been a charterholder for?

there's a variety of things that count. i guess i was referring to "Participating in training sessions offered by your employer" as those are sessions i'd have to attend anyway.
>how long have you been a charterholder for?
5 years now. you?

1.5 years
been out of work for quite some time now after i relocated from abroad. i guess you can say i took a leap year. but i need to get back in rotation. feels weird to be out of work for this long.


ask him about Chainlink