Jnt gang get in here

bitcoin bouncing back, finally added to cmc, get ready for takeoff

thanks just sold 100k, cashed out, uninstalled blockfolio and bought a rope

stay broke, pajeet

Just bought another 3k, this done pretty well during the massacre and didn't dip below ico atleast

What’s so special about this coin?

all in and feeling comfy

It does not need a healthy crypto market to moon due to the token economics. All it needs is adoption and from all we know there is plenty of backing with Middle Eastern oil billions and the former COO of the Soros fund involved.

I am literally too lazy to shill it here because we don't need pajeet buyers to buy in. Read up on it, make sure you understand what proof of solvency and on-chain liabilities are, and then buy and hodl till DAO goes online (Q4). Then you should become wealthy just by hodling as institutions tokenize assets with Jibrel.

This shit is going to a dollar the moment the market stabilizes, and I bought near the lowest point at 35 cents. So fucking comfy.

This is a fucking pajeet coin straight up, devs just dumped a shitload.

will this moon before Q4?

dev tokens are locked for 5 years you dumb mong...

pajeet shitcoin with not even meme potential
and go back to your PnD discord shill group

no you're wrong this is a shitcoin through and through stop posting these threads.


this is a street shitter coin with a plagarized witepaper

Do you even know what this is?

Not gonna happen.


you must really hate money


admins abandoned the telegram. shitcoin pump and dump.

You must not know how it works. You are the retarded one.

oh i see you guys are trying to accumulate.



no we're trying to help fellow bizniz men avoid scams

arabs and it sounds like jewbrel. no meme potential. impossible to shill

exactly and their twitter pics of the 'dubai royal family' backers are just some random niggers in turbans

trips confirm
saddest scamcoin in a while

These pajeets trying to accumulate more, kek. I went all in at 0.000601 eth. This coin will make me rich :)

>tfw went all in at 40 cents
>600 dollars

such is the life of a poorfag

pnd discord coin, avoid

go read the white paper you fucking faget the first word isn't even capitlized

you bought into a PND and you're too proud to admit you got played

it's fake just like the royal family meme and the korean bank backing meme

when do you think it will rise?....apparently everythign will be stagnant fro a while..?

if you dont want pajeets in this coin why the fuck do you idiots keep posting about it on biz you dumb motherfuckers.

>jnt gang
Reminds me of "deep brain gang", le 56% indian ICO

End of Q4 DAO will kick in. Q3 for the corporate banking license. Until then, it will largely be speculative, so look for exchange listings, announcements etc like any other coin. This is one of the few coins worth hodling instead of dumping bags at 4x.

Don't forget the Don Tapscott meme where they got some hobo that looks like him to talk at their conference.

12k Jibrel holder here, in at .39

if i ironhands for 2 years, will i be able to retire?

no sirs this coin is staying at one dollar us. you will double your money though very nice buy sirs

Most likely. At least hold until Q2 2019 IMO, their banking platform and DAO won't be launching until Q4 2018 so that's when the institutional money will start pouring in.

unironically yes

Ok, if they actually accomplish what they've set out to do, you're looking at about 10 million shekels. That would be approx. 130b market cap which if 20 trillion by 2020 happened would actually be a conservative estimate

>those desperate pajeet trying to simulate a drop

im gonna need both hands for this...