Fellow entrepreneurs

Fellow entrepreneurs

What's a good way to make passive income ?

I've tried affiliate marketing & shitty mobile apps yet they require far more work than expected for very little profits.

Anyone here earning good passive income?

Bump of interest, even tho the answer will just be crypto predictably :(

make actual mobile apps that people would want to use


Mobile app market is over saturated right now with copy cats filled with ads and microtransactions.
Small won't cut unless you develop the next snapchat

In order to make a liveable passive income, you need a lot of money. If you're a /nocoiner/ like all the smart people here, check out the stock market.

There must be a pattern within forex, it can't just be as reliable as gabling, otherwise people wouldn't capitalize on it.
Gib secret


Creating mobile apps is not passive, you pretty much have to go fulltime if you are not doing something trivial. Besides, the market is incredibly saturated.

buy TRON

Sell meth, join an MC

Social media management if you're able to talk to people, ecommeeceid you're an autist.

I do both and it's paying for my college and then some.

>you pretty much have to go fulltime if you are not doing something trivial

you have to put a massive amount of work in order to get a substantial passive income

Incorrect. You NEED ago get bought out by a bigger developer. That's the only way to profit

I don't think he's talking about "creating" mobile apps...

>In order to make a liveable passive income, you need a lot of money
So this is the life of a no coiner. Meanwhile people make bank daily, weekly and monthly thanks to fee coins like CEFS, COSS, KUCOIN, BNB and such.

Soon posw, eth, request, link and many coins with masternodes for that comfy passive profit.

Sell ebooks and physical books on Amazon. Anyone can self-publish easily with KDP for ebooks and Createspace for physical. Very little upfront cost required.

>Pic related, my January book earnings. This is just for the physical copies.

Play with pretend money for years. Not the poster you're responding to but when I was a kid we had a project that was just that and it tickled my autism enough for me to keep doing it into adulthood. Read about what youre investing in, familiarize yourself with patterns and know just like gambling most people arent going to profit off of it meaningfully but those who do play methodically and are okay with being a bit strung out from the good life being one streak of bad luck mixed with stupidity away from crashing down. It really is informed gambling.

I know who you are IRL, your name starts with B.

you mean writing a full book and selling it ?

Sounds good but how is it passive ? you spend 2 months writing a book to get a few hundred dollars a month.

Unless I'm missing something writing a book requires the same amount of time and effort as any other endeavor that might even turn better profits.

steemit, drop some coinage into steem power then just post the same kind of shit you would post on facebook or biz or whatever.

Buy house, rent out house

Hey do you have discord? I'd like to be buddies with you cause I'm going to do this.

Rental properties. That's the answer.


I actually know a guy who started whoring himself out for coke and money in 2015, and he put a bunch into crypto. Dude is balling out now and still sucking dick for money. And he gets mad pussy. I don't think I could do it now, but if I could go back in time....

Shocking - there is no get rich quick scheme. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is 90 % hard work and 10 % luck/serendipity

You are probably better off becoming a wage cuck if your ambition stops at affiliate marketing