Gonna suicide... how are you holdin up?

You can translate for yourself or another fucking kraut can do it...
How are you holding up in this crash? I've lost everything, what's the most painful suicide tip you got? I wanna be a cautionary tale for new investors of shitcoins, don't gamble your girlfriends money away... even I had to wear a condom...

OD is done correctly.

Just kill yourself now. We need less degenerate retards in this world

RIP white people

Is your gf being blacked or turked in that pic?

probably turked i dont know...

Ach Bernd


forward it to her parents

is this or was this your significant other in the pic?

this better be bait

>laura shats

someone translate this is bullshit

Somebody translate this

>Laura sweetheart don't leave me, please... I barely lost money, and if you simply look at the history of Bitcoin, it can still go back much higher!
Come one, don't do it! Just come back home, I need you so much!

>fuck you, son of a whore, leave her alone

Not even German

please explain? my assumption is that she fucked someone to get back at you and then sent you the pick?


thats not a bad idea actually... gonna do that before i neck myself on the crossroad

FAke text is gay, sage

desu that ass looks terrible and what kind of disgusting skank sends this kind of picture? This is another crypto victory if anything

ok deutschfag hör zu
first you kill the turkfag
then you kill his whole family
then you set their local mosque on fire
THEN you kill yourself

OP what's your portfolio? wanna help you out so you can get back at her

Fuck, missed one meme arrow

indeed, oldfag

>even I had to wear a condom...

Please don't leave me... I haven't lost that much money, look at bitcoins history, it can bounce back much higher. Come on, you don't have to do this! Come home, please... I need you so much

Obviously bait

don't forget to pm it to some of her close friends and then as a finale her fb wall

bonus: email it to the info@ address of her place of work

>necking yourself over a whore

Not sending it to her parents and everyone she knows
Hitler would annihilate 90% of the turks for less and all you do is get suicidal , how did germans got so cucked you used to be proud people at what point you guys stopped caring

It says
>"Honey, I traded all our coins for ChainLink"
And then she responds
>"Sorry, he was holding VeChain, I couldn't resist"

Be glad you didn't end up marrying this fucking bitch. She would've cheated on you and divorced for half your future stack for sure.

If she can't handle you at your worst then she doesn't deserve you at your best

Don't be this depressed over a THOT

his grammar indicates its larp, no one in germany writes like that

you better be larping

Dont leave me, i lost ur money in bitcoin, it will come back, u cant be like this, i love you.

i dont actually know its scattered and she made some dumb trades but i think 20% btc and 70% req and 10% in her retarded shitcoins

OP, why weren't you cucking her during the relationship? You didn't fall for the monogamy meme, did you?

This and post response for us

G*rmans, not even once

Post more pron

anyone that's been cheated on knows this is the worst. my gf blew a good friend of mine at halloween party. devastating to hear

>I guess she really meant it when she said size isn't everything.

this, it's like a conversation on gzsz

>"Please do not leave me, I almost lost nothing... Bla Bla, Please come back home, I need you so much"
>"Fuck you son of a bitch, leave her alone..."
> pic of turk fucking an arian whore


am kraut, can confirm this is the correct translation

not really a good friend is it, hope you ditched them both

Send this to her parents and post a screenshot. Or else you're larping.

lol get filthy ritch, fuck her and dump her even harder or ruin her job with "influence"

yep, the guy is a douche. that experience was the beginning of my hatred of women

My girl Bixby got you

>Hitler would annihilate 90% of the turks
Google the Turkistan legion.
Turks are Hitler's greatest allies.

Sei froh, sehr froh! You've dodged a bullet mate!


You're a cuck for a having a gf in the first place. Virgins are better than cucks.

>tfw no japanese btc harem

nice app just bought 100k

alter, warum rennst du so einer bitch hinterher in the first place?
es gibt bessere girls out there auch wenns dir vielleicht grad nicht so vorkommt. lenk dich irgendwie ab. ich kann mir vorstellen wie das wehtut aber das vergeht. sobald DU ne andere fickst hast du die alte eh vergessen. und bevor du dich umbringst versuchs wenigstens mal mit suicide hotline und rede einfach mal mit jemandem drüber, vielleicht machts das schon etwas besser. alle die dich kennen inkl. evtl. deiner eltern werden es dir danken.

don't have gfs anymore, just fuck around

Confirmed for never talked to an actual women

You should just buy 100k note 8s bro

>My girl Bixby
AI > 2D >>>>>>> 3D

Marcel, bidde ferlass uns!

>wasting your time with the vagina jew

ill just for the return of the patriarchy.

btw that is fake, like 99% of this board. that reminds me, how is the user who punched his wife and is now in prison doing?

gering aufwändiger köder

Fucking Larp. Also, when she makes you wear a condom. lol cuck

OP, warum LARPst du?

Do you really think we'll believe that you girl ran off the day BTC hit the bottom and immediately found a guy to fuck her just to send you a pic of a cock in her disgusting hole? Well knowing that you could tell and show anyone you both know?

And all of this just because she lost some money on shitcoins...

holy moly those auto-translations are getting better and better.
maybe some shitcoin should develop something like that.
and all mining power with AI to training translation

fuck she won

also you fucks really believe this fucking larp? can you faggots please leave?

that could totally be a white dude, women often have a lighter skin than men, but you wouldn't know cause you only see women online maybe

Funny that the Turk would use the term "Hure" as an insult in that particular circumstance.

Actually the way you said it you just made it sound more plausible. She obviously didn't 'just' find him, this was someone she was fucking behind OP's back all along.

top kek nice larping

how long is youre iphone lars?
also, i love brunettes too.

What happened at the boyclub

i dont speak heil hitler, someone please translate.

Wie lange zusammen gewesen? Sei froh das du sie los bist. Und jetzt HODL!