Rejoice - spanishfags are now able to understand the wonders of the Pyramid

Rejoice - spanishfags are now able to understand the wonders of the Pyramid.

Entra o sigue siendo pobre.

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tu madre es muy bonita



How fucking retarded are you?

>A self sustaining pyramid.

at least they are honest about being a pyramidal scam

Retards can be rich too just look at trump

But it is, did you even read how it works?

10% of your buy goes to all other holders as dividends, as does 10% of your sell.

Buying and selling adjusts the price of the tokens accordingly.

I've had over 15 ether in this for the past few days sitting on mad dividends from market activity on this. Even if everyone else sells besides me, I'll just be at a break even point thanks to all the dividends from weak hands.

Use it like an Ether bank.

I love how everytime ive checked the price is lower and lower.

tfw you could have used that ETH as shorting leverage instead of dumping it all into a fucking scam

People have made money but you would have officially made more shorting the market

This, you don’t even have to do anything and you get free money. I can’t complain, it’s also the longest lasting one so we’re likely in it for the long run

Mfw that's how a fluctuating dividends pyramid is supposed to work

go here:
>micro amounts in 15 of them (0.01-0.1 eth)
>accumulating as people sell/buy
>if it all tanks, i lost 0.5 eth
>breaking even tomorrow lol
>barely anyone knows this site yet apart from us retards here

this is a good site pumps of the hour

I recommend reading the white paper.

No, really.

It's not to be taken seriously in any way, shape or form. It's morphed from an attempt to fix PoWH shitty contracts into a psychological experiment that the developers (raises hand) are frankly a little bit terrified of.

It is not a good idea. At all. But that won't stop people from trying it out once enough time passes to prove that we didn't fuck up the code.

>OG Pyramid

Terrified how? Is it too good?

>you would have made more money timing the dips and selling the tops

Wow I didn't know it was so easy wtf im a millionaire now

If I'm understanding it correctly, you win if other people are complete fucking idiots with their money, right? That's the bet.

From my personal viewpoint, the potential to ruin lives. It's all fun and games if you chuck in 0.1 or 0.2 Ether. Look what happened to 232. Divine (the lead dev for EthPy) made out with 110 Ether and then immediately blew 56 of it on Etheroll.

My pathetic self-justification is that if it's at least front-ended and publicised as a terrible idea purely for lols, then we suck away some of the air for ACTUAL scams rather than ones that we want people to enter into as pure games of patience and luck.

I'll be tossing a large chunk of any profit I make out of it to charity, and I've got the blockchain to make sure that I make good on my promise.

Weird place I find myself in.

Correct. You just have to Highlander everyone who comes in before you. The model's designed to scare people out with what profit they have, hit a low enough barrier for people to start buying again, and then watch as other people scramble in to try to get the dividends from others before they reach another peak.

It's going to be fun to watch, but I'm dreading reading about a horror story.

Basically. 15 eth guy here, I've made a ton from dumbasses selling at a loss. It's too fucking easy, since people are selling even knowing the entire point of this is to make dividends from market movement.

As this continues to go lower, you reinvest dividends to get more of the total market share of tokens. When people sell, you inch your way to the top of the pyramid.

The people in it the longest move up and make more, off the people that decide to exit or buy back in.

It's a pyramid that cycles money. Make what you want, then when you leave. Your tokens proliferate so that others can climb up.

If I'd held my ETH as ETH, I'd be down, what now, 40%?

Instead I was *lucky* enough to have heard the idea, left the PoWH contract when the white hat hacker posted that the code was flawed, put my ETH in here once the same guy had vetted the ETHPyramid code, and now? My gains on dividends have totally offset the drop in ETH over the last week. With compounded dividends now almost half of my original stake, I am up roughly flat, and still earning dividends no matter what the market does!

I don't know enough to short the market, I don't know if the market is going up or down. I do know, if I am going to hold ETH long term, I can hold it here and get paid dividends to do so.

(literally off to the bank, to transfer money to my exchange to buy more ETH to send to MetaMask and buy more ETHPyr tokens.)

International, transparent bump

yeah, people don't get that you have to BE PATIENT to get your money.

>b-b-b-but my 10% deposit it's gone forever

yeah it's gone, but you get more people in and older people leave and you get their money as dividends, dummy

this is the easiest fucking way to make money in the market right now, taking eth from idiot redditors and pajeets

>get in nerd, we gettin rich

Really wish all my $ wasn't tied up in shitcoins so I could buy more of this. This transparent scam somehow outperformed everything else this past week for me.

it's a crypto bank with infinite dividends, i have no idea what people want at this point

This. Once Veeky Forums stops listening to itself and actually reads what's going on, this will going nuclear. It's only 4 days old?

ikr, people want free money and it's sitting right there in front of them - can't confirm but don't you even get eth if someone reinvests their dividends?

you get paid to park your money and just leave it, lmao, literally better than every pajeet scamcoin out there.

people got burned on powhcoin but the website has chinese and korean translations coming and they fucking love dividends shit

Haven't slept this /comfy/ in awhile. Up or down I win

yeah, this has kept my money way more stable than my binance portfolio did. ethepyr made me 20 bucks in the same time binance lost me 200

>tfw a total scam is the best investing option for stability and security

Who could have thought.

i mean i know the algo works tho, i doubled my money in OG PoWH before the hacc, but this code is secure, so when it inevitably takes off, i got in good n early, gunna get hella gainz.

Gentle afternoon bump

ooooh now get in on the mandarin and korean translations and you gonna moon