Why is this going up harder than other coins?

Why is this going up harder than other coins?

Because it dipped harder than other coins.

Because it was heavily oversold you dumb shit.

Because it is the only blockchain 3.0 with a working product and it got anally raped during the crashed.

this, I bought as much as I could from fucking dumb retards that sold

you wanted the 1000x moon mission right?

>>Bought at 5.50
>>Sold at 3.30


thanks for your bags user

I boughr the shit out of this last night and im already in the green
Thx to all the weak hands for the discount!

Good crypto is good crypto.

Nothing has changed for solid projects like ICX. If there has been any news it has only been positive.

Still holding my 1500 from $7.80

Did I fuck up? Yes.


Still predicting $30 by April, $70 END OF YEAR.

lets go. faggots.

good luck with your bags faggot

you bought high and sold low?

because people fell for the "muh conference rocket" meme last week"

ICX, VEN, XLM is where I'm putting my money at

no, i saw the pajeet at the summit

Good to hear. Was toi afraid to look, but good to hear. Maybe i can buy a coke from vending machine with my bags if i ever visit korea which i wont. Good to hear. Good thank you.

>this retarded
And your teenage mentality is what will keep you poor.

>tfw neet and had no money left to buy the dip
very unfortunate time to not have a job

It was way oversold. It actually really concerned me seeing it tank harder than everything else. The combination of the summit dump happening simultaneously with the BTC dump was the perfect combination for a shitstorm. I’m already up 50% on the purchase I made yesterday.

Lol I bought 2k at 2,49$. Just know that I paid less for more :D
let it sink in

yes, that's typically how that works, nigger.

let it sink in that you have a small dick.

Because ICX is gonna be top3 this year.

Cuz it tanked harder than anything else, oversold, that’s why I picked up 200more at the bottom.
Still going to 60 eoy, you didn’t fall for the fud did u user?

Anyone with even average IQ can see that ICX will be $50-$100 EOY.

60 eoy? More like end of q2

VEN is a scam coin right?

It's the Korean ETH

Hi, me.

Nope, which should be obvious with even a slight amount of research.

Because you retarded oversold it. Hurr dur, sell the news, hur dur, some dude's PowerPoint didn't load. You faggots sold Korean Ethereum.


because it went down harder, mongrellus mathematicus

But they used upvote bots on pleppit /r/cc.
I read here that Sunny raped a little girl of 12.
What to believe?

this. fucking retarded how VEN only dropped 18% meanwhile ICX nearly 60%