Holy fuck this coin is epic! It WILL make you RICH!
Just listen to this customer testimony!

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Not pringles, but fucking KRINGLES.

She looks like the head of a pyramid scheme

Why does her husband look like he's about to beat the shit out of her?

fucking americans, jesus christ

Couldnt help myself, this sounds rather cheesy. But i think we can troll them serious crypto developers who would like to list them on the Kekexchange, a private exchange which for 10,000 usd gives them access to many instruments n shiz. Scam scammers? And spend the 10k on paperclips

>you will never eat her ass

>Tuberculosis coin

Kinda reminds me of this

>This agreement is hinged on a software program that drives the price of TBC up by 1% to 5% daily until it reaches its Ultimate Price.

Guys i so think we need to troll this for the lulz. When did Veeky Forums ever have some real fun like /b/ and /pol/ does?

yeah, I'm down. Same with bitcoin randy.

holy fucking kek

bumpng if we can get some consensus n ppl wnna join in


So many weird boomer ladies shilling this coin.

The TBC police tho

What the fuck is with meriburgers and making videos in cars?

You can tell everything about this coin is straight up pajeet territory with all the spelling mistakes.

Shitty houses. They put all their money into an ALL AMERICAN (shit) CAR and decide to film there. Also monkey see, monkey do.

t. german car driver


>weird boomer ladies

fucking kek

Dear Ms Shelton,

I'm writing to you on behalf of CuckEX, one of the exclusive and private MQL4 exchanges on the internet, we deal with a number of instruments from cryptocurrency, futures and derivatives and looking to expand our cryptocurrency listings.

I am speculatively enquiring whether you would like to have TBC considered as a listed security on the Cuck network to allow full appreciation of your cryptocurrency to our HNWI's and Institutional Investors. If this of interest to you please let me know in reply and one of our professional representatives on behalf of the exchange can speak to you.

Your sincerely,

Kno. De. Whey

she looks like a mongoloid voodoo priest


Seriously though, this is why the boomers are worried about people's retirement funds

>these are the kinds of people running ICO start-ups