Bought in yesterday

Did I do good?

grats, now please hold

Absolutely. 20 trillion incoming.


I would have bought ETH for the furture PoS rewards

How do you not have a buy limit on Coinbase?

No. Give me 1 BTC and I'll tell you what do diversify in before you regret it.

unironically yes

I am unironically jealous

But you did what we all should have done and thats probably why you have so much well done user you have won.

oh boy, it's this thread again

>buying close to a billion in BTC and not using GDAX to avoid paying any fee by using a LIMIT BUY option.

Big if true.

because its fake

Yes. And goddamn am I jealous

Yes you did exactly what people will be saying they wish they did, in a few months time.

The only difference is right now those people are saying 'ugh no way I'm not buying at $6k bitcoin is dead' instead of buying.

By means of inspect element.

Godspeed OP! Hold that shit!!

explain please


Small if large.

>133 btc
>a billion

jesus christ

if you wanted to halve your investment in less than a week, sure

I was at work wagecucking all day, i wan ted to go all in on btc at 6k or less, i come home to find out it was 6k earlier on in the day. I FUCKING MISSED IT HELP ME AAAAAA


Oops. I meant million. :)