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>iron hands
>also bought the dip


Buying more as we speak, we're going to moon hard.

20T market cap by 2020

why do people keep using him for the 20T cap?
It wasn't him that said it.

Sold at 7200 I'm. Extremely perturbed!



did tether get printed or something? just curious

On the final episode of Dead Cat Bounce: Will the bizbros ever learn to sell the top? Series finale tonight 8:30/7:30c

>steady 7400

I can smell my lambo already

welcome to the great bull run of 2018 fellas

Yeah, I'd like you say that tomorrow morning.

40k by EOY hodl


The dead cat bounces again.




We going up up up, down, up up up, down, up up, up, up.

>refresh blockfolio and net worth goes up $15k

G-guys... I sold at 9k hoping to buy at 5k, this is just a dead cat bounce right?

we deserve 1000% gainz after what we've been through recently



>SEC announces that the US gov will be behind crypto and it's future innovations
>Dead cat bounce xDddd

Inverted head and shoulders confirmed? TA fags where you at

You missed it, friend. Don't worry, I'll let you take the ferrari around the block a couple times when you're parking it.

>literally defeating a dead cat in your own sentence


Dip back down to 7k so I can buy in again.

Legit sold at 7k around noon and didn’t meet my buy in just $20 shy.

Now it’s up 500


>dead cat approaching mid point height



I'd set stop-loss buy anyway.

You guys know we will touch 6K and maybe below 6K this exact week. Please understand.

Posted this elsewhere but I'll put it here:

Hello biz. I hope some of you read this and get something from it. Feel free to add other things you see. Army first audit in u.s. history after 800 million went missing. Internal memo shows an internal investigation that revealed over 125 billion dollars in administrative waste in 2016 NFL and nba wants to push legal gambling on sports USA just talked about crypto reaching 20 trillion by 2020 in a hearing and regulation Robotics and a.i. Taking over more jobs Universal basic income being talked about more and more, trial run being stated in stockton. These are the kinds of things that interest me looking at the future and looking at where crypto is headed. I think we're headed for a bullish 2nd quarter. If you can't see something connected here think harder.

EveRyONe wHo sElls WiLL dIE ToMOrrOW

her face going through the table will be the fall back down to 5K


Guys we went below the 200 day moving average. This is the level big institutions and such are waiting to get in.

Bull run. Doubters will get BTFO.

everyones saying it kid

Ok, but how do you know any of that is actually going to follow, or isn’t going to be a disaster?

Set at 8100, pls I need a second chance to buy the dip...

This is it guys,
We'll be flying around 7k-8k
7k is the floor
It's impossible for bitcoin below 7k again no matter how many fud there are

>I sell high

maybe mining is the way to universal basic income?

For all the fags that disagree with nujack
Nujack conveys the gains feeling way better
Where his despair face is kind of lackluster
Meme conservatives come at me

>dump it to 6999 oni-chan~~

Do you read your post back out loud? You're the epitome of reddit



I agree. I only like the calm, zen looking nujaks making fat gains

lol kys, nothing beats classic green wojak

Yeah it's going down

>meanwhile my RLC still hasn't recovered
Bought in at ,0024, still below ,0016 fucking kill me bruhs

yeah and I'm also part of the big jewish psy-op to bring down the Veeky Forums memes
kys my man

man it must feel good to see ocean of green wojaks

t. newfag who just got in and has experienced only pink wojaks

Just gotta wait it out...

Whale here, if I see this nuwojak one more time I'm releasing the bears again.


That's fair, nujack's face only looks good when he is solemnly relishing in gains