Whomst here /BOUGHT THE DIP/

whomst here /BOUGHT THE DIP/

extra comfy rn

seems like the dip is still going on, better sell again

Shut the fuck up. Stop trying to artificially pump the price up you retard. This is a long term hold, not a pump and dump. Kill yourself

I pumped up your mommy with my skycoin gains fagget

Gains? You mean more than 50% loss? Kek.

I just want bizlets to make it. If they actually spend some time researching this, they're going to be rich.

I bought for under 1 dollar
unlike people like you I buy my coins before they are shilled here

Why would you want the racists on this board to make it? It seems to me you're desperate to get this to pump again.

You still lost like 75%... Unless you sold :)

sucks to only have pocketmoney to play with bottom feeder?

>muh racism

fuck off reddit
skycoin is literally /ourcoin/

I actually own 1k skycoins. Bought it for 15k a few days ago. Not going to invest more in this coin because the team is sketch as fuck. Wouldn't be surprised if this was a scam.

/ourcoin/ /ourguy/

Aren't you guys going to modify your script at all? It's getting boring.

>he thinks owning 1k skycoin doesn't make him a bottom feeder. Please sell already...

>Aren't you guys going to modify your script at all?
>still using "racist" in 2018
top fucking kek

You've just exposed yourself. So you admit you want to dump this on the bizlets who you want "to make it"? They're bottom feeders if they buy right now? Shows that you don't really believe in this project :^)

I'm talking about a literal script you guys are using to shill this coin. I know you're the same group of shills that are posting the same thing every single day in an attempt to get this to pump. You're probably even the same person. It's quite sad.

No I just want faggots like you not to make it.
You just exposed yourself as mentally challenged.

I bought on Sunday morning thinking *that* was the tip. For me buying again the market has to crash below 200B


I'm interested in buying Skycoin or getting a miner possibly, but keep your fringe tier commie ideology and headcanon to yourself though, nobody cares. That or go mud rake for (you)'s on /pol/ with your time or something.

Yeah those people make the project look bad

you seem to think you're talking to the same person