Kazakhstan here, ask me anything

I bet you can't imagine how to live here, where everything is rigged.
I finished my bachelor's and can't even land a job, because everyone is hiring friend of a friend...
Literally, i guess it's the shittiest country to live for a sociopath like me... I dont have any connections or so
Blew my last money in crypto and got justed pretty badly


Buy digibyte sir

cant you try to go to another country?

i live in france and it's pretty much the same, you're not going to get a job without connections

i cant move to europe since im not an experienced worker

same goes to canada

kneepads are universal

fuck, i thought that western democracy was more appealing to sociopathic way of life

Same shit in Canada

>cant manipulate people

have you watched borat?

at least you can work in macdonalds, no ?


Buy a suit go to the nicest clubs/bars in your city and make friends with people of a higher status than yourself.

go mine potassium u pleb

French law master degree. Can i get a good job there and live like a king?

yeah, fucking hilarious ))))

however a lot of people were freaked out because of it... i guess that now actor has the permanent entry ban

>socially retarded autist who wants attention

same coin

Start something with the money you have , i am pretty sure you can bring some "innovation" from the west and make it work there. Unless of course you have some shit law that prevents you from doing it.

No, they hire Temporary Foreign Workers from the Philippines to do that.
I haven't gotten a job in 2 years as an engineer haha

actually yeah, if you earn anything more than 2-3k a month you can consider yourself a king here

not mentioning that every girl will want to suck your dick because of your nationality )

i had hopes for crypto and invested at the ATH .......
as usually, normies get fucked )

Have you sold? You'll break even in a few months.

would like to do so, but no chances

no, i will never sell... will wait min. 2-3 years

u think there is a reason to hope for a nice outcome ?

Sure, this bleeding might be a manipulation that would last 2 months.

what kind of engineer you were ?


should've just studied computer science, i fucking regret going to university .......even though that it was the best time of my life i guess

Mechatronics. Fucking nobody wants me.

isnt this shit pretentious ?

europe takes every pajeet man
its so easy to move to europe, netherlands is a paradise.
everyone speaks english and people are nice
im not from netherlands but i i think i will move there next year

come on, my country is not a war zone..
no chance to be a refugee..

and there seem to be a way to move for the pajeets, however not for the post soviet communists ))))

Nice i am really gonna look for an opportunity there.

just hang on bro we will find the way. another shit country here

>I finished my bachelor's and can't even land a job, because everyone is hiring friend of a friend...
Literally the exact same situation on NYC, London, or anywhere.
Niggas is broke

you should do so, also russia is nice, but people are more agressive and nazi

how do we jumpstart ?

How come hot Kazakh chicks on eHarmony never write back to me?

Are you ethnic Russian or Kazakh?

Always wanted to visit - how allah ackbar are the muslims there on a scale of friendly kebab merchant to decapitation while on fire?

LMAO get fucked Waterloo chink

I'm actually the last white guy to go to UBC. If I was a chink I would have the connections and "Mandarin skills" to get a job.

I have a few solutions
1) War
2) Fight Club/Mr Robot-tier destruction of all banking records so everyone gets a hard mmr reset

why is the funniest post i've seen in ages

>We 37 seconds to 6am.
user, I don't think that's how that saying goes.

Kazakh. However i barely speak it, studied in russian and practically all of my friends are russians

muslims are ok, of course there are some people with big ass beards, but they are safe (there has been no explosions so far )))

Oh mb senpai. Is it easy to get gook pussy?

More than 10-12k a month in America to be living like a noble.

probably because the chicks there are not real and mostly scammers ?

i might be wrong though

i can find you a chick there, but whats the point ??? you willing to visit the country if there would be a thirsty girl waiting for u ?

Kazakhs seem alright. I've been to Russia a lot - do you have the same Tajik, Armenian and Azerbaijani gopniks are Moscow does?

dude thats a cool as fuck major. was one of my top choices.

not easy getting a job for that LOL

im a biomed engineer myself and my job isn't as related as i wanted it to be

What about "mambets"? Are they always "na govne"?

Join the French Foreign Legion

and get shot by a real nigga someday

Every time I feel broke, I think of my eurobros like OP.
I have every vidya I want, eat whatever I want, have all my amenities, yet I'm still not happy. I'm not rich or anything but I'm never terribly hurting.
I once had a Russian roommate who was literally fresh off the plane. He asked to teach him how to use the washing machine. I turned it on and walked away, and he asked "where does the water come from? Do I need to add water?"
I almost cried

ahahah, you know the word )
yeah well, in kazakhstan most of the gopniks are kazakhs...

what are the crypto tax laws in your country?

Come on Veeky Forums this is a trap

мaмбeты этo пздц )
i assume you speak russian ?

Do you want to make money or not?

dafuck you talking bout ? ;-D

its unregulated, nobody gives a fuck about crypto so far

If you aren't terminally retarded sure. (You need to be white)
I've given up on engineering I'm looking into some other business to start now.

of course i want to
you have any ideas ?

Дa, я из Mocквы. Гoвopят, чтo в Кaзaхcтaнe вce зaшибиcь. Или y вac тaк жe, кaк y нac: в cтoлицe нopмaльнo, a вoкpyг - paзpyхa и пиздeц?

What about young kazakhs - are they still non-degenerate or are girls sluts and fags walking around?

I know you are a Muslim country but communism kind of made you secular. Any blacks in Almaty?

Are people pro-Russia or do they suck USA dick?

>you willing to visit the country if there would be a thirsty girl waiting for u ?
Sure, who wouldn't? As long as you're confident she's not a gold digger.

дa, нa пepифepии вce пиздeц

>I finished my bachelor's and can't even land a job, because everyone is hiring friend of a friend...
like everywhere in the world u fucking moron do you really believe freedom you watch on TV is actually real LUL

Take some time to appreciate it user. It's fashionable to shit on everything constantly in the modern world but it's actually fucking incredible how well everything works and what has been accomplished all things considered.

yeah, there are blacks (however i do not live in almaty, but i assume there are)..

i guess its 50-50 now, regarding the russia-usa support

well, i live in a shithole and i could say that most of uneducated people are degenerates.. But in the cities everything seems to be good

Show us your feminine benis honey pie

Kekeke that made me laugh. Hope you have many non explosion days friend

but it doesnt make it any easier
i dont even have money from social welfare, because there's none of that shit

You could go be a janitor in Moscow. Always hiring.

crypto tax/legality situation there if you were to actually make/have significant money?


dont have the info, but i assume that bank will pay attention to you and thats not a good sign

buy a suit and fake it till you make it
you just haven't made it yet
(even if u land u job u didn't make it yet)
hint: you will never feel like making it regardless of making it or not

Does Kazakhstan have nice country towns, perhaps on a lake, that Veeky Forumsraelis could retire to after this next crypto pump? Would a random white dude be able to fit in over there eventually after learning Russkie?

how's the potassium tho?

can't you just claim to have german heritage and fake some documents? theres a bunch of kazakhs who moved here after soviet russia collapsed

of course
you can google the pics
nobody hates foreigners here

no, kinda impossible ...
i was thinking to apply for masters in germany, but my gpa is 2.6 out of 5 .... even though that im not stupid

Jews: Good or bad?
Do you like Uzbekistan?
Are you married and does your wife operate plow?

Do freelance work, I write articles online for at least some cash so I don't fucking starve.

im not married. just a young broke nigga
jews - dont even care, so my answer - good
uzbekistan - i think its the poorer version of kazakhstan ))))

gpa really depends on how your kazahk uni is accredited by the german university ranking (anabin). also you need to have 8000€ p.a. in a locked account to make sure you have enough funds to sustain yourself in order to get a visa (unless you have EU nationality).

how difficult will it be to get around/do stuff there without knowing any russian?

how possible would it be to sell a car there as a foreigner without residence etc and what's the complications, both legal/illegal

LARP detected.
proper answers:
>Jews: bad.
>Uzbekistan is asshole country.
Jew detected. beware of the JewClaw.

Дepжиcь Зa Cвoи Кpипты Cвoeй Жизнью.

Does your leader have a mighty penis?

Why hasnt russia annexed northern parts of your country yet?

Nazarbaev is a friend of Putin and has been even longer in an office.

A friend of putin has a mighty penis.

would be really difficult ... nobody speaks english

for the car - you have to legalize it and pay taxes if you want to sell it... that would cost a lot of money, probably 40-50% of the total car price

Your jewdar is on point.

is threre a lot of jobs available ?
and will it be possible to learn german in 2 years while studying ?