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good, fuck them

Yeah yeah yeah fuck Asia is this the biweekly Asian FUD?

"The new AML Regulatory Framework does not re-shape the currently existing regime but is prepared and issued to strengthen efforts for combating money laundering, terrorist financing, maintaining and enhancing China’s international reputation and to contribute to public confidence in the financial system. "

.... op, I....

USA just fucking endorsed crypto
who gives a fuck about these chinks

it's chink FUD that took us from 20k to 6k but we cant go much farther down now.

good times ahead

I mean, they brought the price down 50% the last time they wanted to do it.

This time they seem to really want to ban it. That means mining ban also.

>oh its this fud again, thats nice havent seen it for a full week

Ch gvt just wants to accumulate before opening to public to pump

in b4 someone says "heh just wait till you see 4k BTC user"

who gives a fuck honestly that's the worst case scenario at this point.

The apocalyptic scenario has us seeing 4k BTC briefly.

This was bad but it mathematically can't get very much worse. And don't even say anything mentally retarded like 1k BTC coming

>This time they seem to really want to ban it. That means mining ban also.
Around 10 days ago I read on Veeky Forums someone who knew a guy from Bitmain who told him China would ban bitcoin mining on February 7, so that's it it's for real?

wait since china is n1 in bitcoin mining why would they want to fud it? Aren't chinks biggest btc sellers?

Ouch the usa just got cucked.

Bad news for bitfinex, right?

these insects are gonna make me rich

5,000 years of unmitigated failure ftw

>mining ban also
i'm basically cumming right now

chinks are manipulating the price

we should just ban them from crypto in general

When is the PBOC press conference?

Time to wait for those tasty 1K btc

damn this FUD is getting old, i guess the media realized that everyone just reads headlines and not the actual article.

BTC mining difficulty is increasing in a few hours, if a bunch of hashpower leaves suddenly the chain is gonna get stuck

Where were you when Trump's SEC made Crypto Great Again?

Great, how do we seize justin sun's keys and get him in jail?



The fact that they're adding all exchanges to the great firewall is more depressing. that being said, the great firewall is like a minor inconvenience to most Chinese I know, so I still think the Chinese New Year effect will pump us next week or so.

So long as Singapore and Korea don't go full retard on exchanges then Asian FOMOers will still be good for pumps.

old fud is old

>title =/= not what the actual letter says

Fake news user kys

shit so binance is gonna do KYC? i need to get my shit off

I mean the article was published 2 hours ago.

FAKE NEWS FUD! Sorry the bottoms in too bad you missed out and not going to get anymore cheapies. Enjoy chasing now.

Yeah that means BINANCE, KUCOIN and all companies that operate with crypto in china AND hong kong.

Idk people seems stupid to say it's just another FUD.

this will be the rise of the dex.

holy shit OP did you even read the article? They aren’t banning shit, they are trying to squeeze money laundering. Also China has announced they are leaving/banning crypto how many times now this past year? Fuck outa here with that FUD, fuck China, but most of all, fuck you for your last ditch attempt to cause panic during a recovery. USA announced today they will foster the growth of crytpos though regulation and legislation. Get with the times or stay poor you mong

Fuck China and fuck yellow people

real question: how do transactions get verified when there are no more blocks to mine? this is the main concern I have for BTC inheritance in the next centuries, but I'm not opposed to the idea of selling copies of the wallet.dat binary itself

op is a faggot.

I'll wait til the actual letter comes out instead of ((( ))) tell me their source is legit.

there are always blocks to mine, they just don't get a reward

lol source "coinidol"

fuk off please tards.

okay thanks. will do more research into long-term concerns like this


Misleading. It's just anti-laundering stuff.

>America embracing crypto
>implying China won't embrace crypto and let dirty capitalist pigs control the cryptomarket
Buy VEN motherfuckers, it's about to get a lot more support from the government.

ASIC faggots btfo!

Alright mark my words, BTC WILL GO TO 1K.


They ban illegal banking and most elite chink use it. China is not the deal breaker but America. And the burgers have already spoken in behalf of the consumers. Less shitcoins more bitcoin and etherium. It's going up

Do I get my crypto off kucoin?