VEN marines, report for duty!

Shrimp reporting in.

Feeling comfy.

lol pls gtfo faggot

60 VEN guppy. It's been a rough few days.

Was very deep in some nyquil/sickness and sold most of my stack (~650) for nano on a whim last night. Definitely would not have done that sober, gonna see if I can ride out nano a few more bucks and maybe turn it into some more VEN. Wellp, dont drink and drive kids.

1k ven minnow reporting in

Tfw no money to buy the dip

Loaded up to 22k Ven. Let’s go boys

Still holding my 30 for a new snowmobile Christmas 2018.

Future millionaire with 10K VEN reporting for duty.

Buy me a lambo for christmas homie

>still positive
This feels real nice.

Senior chief reporting

>Wasu Wasu Wasu Veconnect!
Never sold and never will! Gimme dat Thor and my big booty bitches Sunny!

I remember you. Hope you get it.

92 ven reporting in! Will buy more once i get my salary or fun/int reaches ath and i dump

anybody up their stack

2500 VEN Siamese fighting fish reporting in

i wanna lick her armpits

I did.


LOLOLOL if you fell for those scams, why are you still in the market? GTFO you don't know what you're doing, you fucked up twice before and you think you won't fuck up again? Time to sell VEN when dummies like you bought it.

literally used all fiat left in my bank account to buy 40 more ven at 3$


sure buddy. Keep talking out of your ass


says the retard who only had $120 in his bank account.

back in the green my nigga. i need this to stay low for a few more weeks til i get paid though. 15k target need another 3k juicy VEN to make it

Tough times friend :)

Still cant prove your shittalk eh?
Let me guess, you bought wtc, link and other memes

FUN is a 30+ man team with execs from several different big time gambling organizations like pokerstars it's as legit as they come you dumb faggota

why ppl trash wtc?I hold ven and wabi only but I like wtc also and my fiend made good money on it.