Backed by dubai royals

>backed by dubai royals
>backed by saudi oil money
>solving the volatility problem in crypto
>jCash literally killing Tether
anyone who's not balls deep in JNT doesn't deserve to make it.

you pajeets fuck never give up do you

for everyone else this just another confirmed discord pnd shill coin

avoid at all costs

>backed by dubai royals
confirmed fake they deleted this from their twatter after called out in comments
>>backed by saudi oil money
[citation needed]
>solving the volatility problem in crypto
by tokenizing your mortgage? great idea user let me know
>>jCash literally killing Tether
tether exists. jcash is made up and part of this pajeet PND scheeme that's easily seen through

sell now you dumb fuck you got played

also fuck your allah backed coin

They just dont stop
god at least TRTL was funny
stay away from this shit

The partnership was fucking announced at a conference you literal moron. KYS.

you guys should have bought last night. stop trying to drop the price.

You dick head

Prove it faggot

OP delete this NOW!

CEO got caught

>mfw waiting for the inevitable petro-coin
an OPEC petrocoin is the only possible crypto with disruptive potential. the rest of this shit is tulip mania.

You really don't get it...

is JNT is a shitcoin why is don tapscott on their advisor team?

>trusting sandniggers

Ofc I do, look at these threads. Constantly bumped by tards calling it a PnD scam. Same guys gonna post smug pepes when they are done accumulating and it takes off.

fuck you i'm waiting on an ach transfer can't you fucks wait a few days this shit literally has the potential to have a market cap in the fucking trillions and you're shilling it when it's a $.50? it's a long term hodl there's no need to shill it

now fucking delete this thread please and let me buy my at $.50 and you can shill all you want


no hsit faggot but why are you shilling it?

Yup yup discord PnD stay awaaaay ;)

seriously fuck you for posting this. mods, if there are any, please delete ty

> he already forgot APPC coin pajeet and discord shilling
> he had heavy appc bags
> he forgot it and now buying jnt which is shilling by same grp of pajeets.

good luck next gen bag holders

Cause I have 300k already. No need to keep it secret. But you seem like a cool guy, I'll start fudding in the other thread.

very good coin sir i recomend buying a lot of it

sirs I dunnot buy below 5€