I bought in at 19K, how long until I make my money back...

I bought in at 19K, how long until I make my money back? I don't really know a lot about this shit I don't mind about not getting rich, I just wish it never happened.

roflmao you're never getting your money back

By April.

You picked the wrong horse in the race. Shoulda bought ETH


why would you post a cheap imitate instead of the real thing?

welcome to bargaining phase.

Nice trap :3

bitcoin will be 20000 by 4pm Fri. Watch and Learn!!!

You got into this by not doing your own research. DYOR and think for yourself. Buying BTC at 19k when the mempool is overloaded is the dumbest shit.

girl (female) or girl (male)?

June. With some fomo March


Sue Lightning

If it looks like a duck, fuck.

never, i already spent it



pc version cant come soon enough
I hope modding is as accessible as possible. Hopefully TES tier

sue lightning, trap

that shit has a dick doesn't it?

u wont jusat sell cut ur losses


You should be able to sell for at least 30K in four years, which is not really bad.

laura jewmer with a nose job ?

what's wrong with your tits? Why are they so blurry?

>one of the most attractive traps