New roadmap released. If they get this done this shit is going to hit a $100 by the end of the year easy.

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One of the most undervalued projects right now.


I see nothing on that roadmap that impresses me. Looks like a bunch of horse shit desu.

Where do I get these?


>tfw bought at $5
I'm only half bizrali

Kucoin has them?


The smartest coin playing by the cuck US Govt's rules. I know fucking grandmas buying this shit

grandmas busy the last hour

Scam coin. Useless. Kiddy logo.

WTF does this shitcoin do pajeet?


Shitcoin, shit team, just shit. Do not research. Do not buy

thanks just bought 100k

i have ~1350 slumber points :)

cant wait to buy some cool ICOs later this year on a knocked down price and make my money stacks grow

I haven't seen a good shill thread in days now. Feels good oddly.

Nm matter how hard i try, im failing to see what this coin/project solve/have/whatever which other thousands of coin not.

Other coins have a shit logo. DragonChain will take them all down.


just because a problem is already being worked on by someone else doesn't mean you can't try to do it better than them, survival of the fittest. not endorsing dragonchain with this post but i think that people shouldn't focus in on stuff like that.

target and walmart solve the same problems but they still got really huge for example. you can find examples like that in every market. projects solving similar problems can more than likely co-exist.