Are we finally recovering? Is it really happening?

Are we finally recovering? Is it really happening?

Yes, the fire rises.

the dead cat bounces

Every day the price collapses, and every day you declare a slight increase to be a rebound. I'm gonna let you figure this one out on your own.

Not a thing

yes, the green wojack posting caused this bull return thank you for your service

Is this the new 'NOD AN ARGUBENT!'

It's a deadcat.


Do you children realize that nobody in Wall Street actually uses these terms?



Nope, other are waiting for a small recovery so they can get out. Btc is done.

>nobody in Wall Street actually uses these terms

No, wait for the trend reversal on the 1d chart.

dead dog bull post. fud lines indicate strong butthurt in the direction of THIS DUDE

Yep, we're going to be okay

yes, buy the "dip" like a good goyim

It's obvious an Archimedes triangle is forming, sell everything now and buy back in on the rebound.

Maybe, but we have to test the bottom twice, atleast. We don't just jump from 5,8k to 10k without any pullback

good chance of that desu

no, its a reverse pythagoras triangle hang, seen it 100 times

20k by 9 pm est

Fuck them. This isn't wallstreet.

We will test 10k

cross exchange volume higher than past few weeks supports the move, journey is on, back to 9-10K anyway. Shove that up your ass you wimp fudding faggots ha ha ha

>We didnt test the bottom


> falls 60%
HODL! Just a dip!
> rises 2%
It’s recovering already!!

Convex BIG NIGGA BELLY confirmed.
10k by 4:20pm PST

>strong downtrend
>big dip
>return to mean downtrend

>r we recuffurang? t. brainlet

>tfw sold close to the dip
>tfw fell for the FUD last night

I-i-i-is it too late to buy back in

>t. someone who clearly doesn't work in wall street

Pic related is the current trend. This is not what a reversal looks like.

its up 10%

me catch falling knife

me smrt

who could be responsible for this post...
>dat 1m scale
I'm gonna take your job

>its up 10%
pretty much nothing can go from $17,000 per unit down to 100 without bouncing up 10% at some point in the downward trend

What the heck is wrong with a 1 month view? Are your trading strategies narrower than a single day?

lmfao yes user, buy back in right now, we're never going down to 5k in a weeks time.

If XIV was 17000 I think it could have :DDD

This is biz

That bullshit you idiot

Fate conspired to give you some last hope before crushing your pathetic life once and for all.

The only reason there isn't a dead cat statue infront of wallstreet next to the bull and bear is because it would be too small if portrait accurately.

>doesnt get sarcasm