Day Trading

It's been a good day.

0.55%, that's some mad gains.

>t. brainlet

Are you prepared to accept my limp penis?

holy shit 2%, it's almost as if this is a dead cat bounce in response to too quick a pace of a selloff

Do you enjoy the taste of my penis?

We need more threads like these

I was trying to enjoy a succulent Chinese crash!

Watch it here.

If we shake off the Q1 jitters, 2018 is going to be a beautiful year

Lol yesterday every Pollack saying this is 08 all over again hahahhaha idiots don't understand economics. This is a beautiful correction if you didn't buy it there's no hope for u.


The dead cat bounces again :3

nasdaq futures +3.6 % currently


Reminder to zoom out. Stocks are still sky high compared to GDP

Sucking my penis is still on the table.


way to go Trump.... I knew you could fix the economy!!!

dude I'm up 35% in 6 hours, nobody here gives a shit about your measly 5% earning max. get with the times grandpa.

Brainlet first time investor here. Should I hold?

When do you guys cash out?


LMAO grandpa try to calm down

S&P500 follows bitcoin with an 8 week lag. In about 2 months we will start seeing mass suicides

way too many people sitting sidelines hoping for crash. not gonna happen.

That's what they said 2 months ago with cryptos, fag

i dont remember anybody saying that

you forgot to take your smart pills

well my track record is out of your league. bought the dip yesterday already while 99% biz was calling an armageddon to planet earth

Hehe I guess it's the "obama economy" again. right lefties?

ahh yes.. i see you know your judo well

you should also buy a rope


Fuck Obama for causing that drop yesterday, Trump saved the economy! MAGA!

Dead cat bounce, honey

Losing money due to thinking this FUD would last longer. Eat shit, life.

>569 points
Market is closed.

To the left it's Trump economy when its bad and Obamas's economy when its good.


buy even more! be greedy when others are fearfull

Invert this and people spout it unironically on reddit. Anything that good that happens under Republicans is thanks to the Democrats, anything bad that happens under the Democrats is thanks to the Republicans. All logic be damned.

Nice move that really shows this market is strong when it dumps 10% in two sessions on good economic news