Every day until you accept it

Every day until you accept it


this time is for real tho, strong support cause i know a frog told me. like a plush looking one, not the meme one.

>top 10 anime betrayals

Accept what?



audible kek, ty

Accept that OP has no idea what he is doing.

It may actually be different this time. The SEC might have really turned the tides. Oh, and you should have bought the dip nocoiner.

nice chart. Damn shame the macd blows your shitty ta squares out of the water lmao

>implying the Asians give a fuck about the SEC

Uuhm yes?

$40K here we come

>Implying china bans really matter
You know what happened last time right?

As a Eurofag im happy the US is positive about crypto, its good to hear such things.

Except one of these times we will actually be back.


If u guys watched senate hearing about crypto u should realize that regulate it is very difficult and every senator and even regulators are HODL ing bags of Crypto

Maybe you zoom out.


I-is he right guys?