We did it... we survived the dip of 2018. We're gonna make it, guys. Weak hands BTFO

We did it... we survived the dip of 2018. We're gonna make it, guys. Weak hands BTFO

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It hasn’t even started yet

I urge everyone to sell right now, before we go sub-6k.

^^ the state of biz


Im sorry that you sold at the bottom bud, but the crash is over, stay mad nocoiner fgtstockbondhoe

bears gtfo, this board belongs to bulls now

I'm not a no coiner either but we're not done yet just because we're currently in a small uptrend.

wait a week at least to say that

I have 3k of XRP i bought at 0.90.

5k XLM at 0.55

2k ADA at 0.75

Please god i hope its over.

People said this 13k, 11k, and 9k. Fuck off fag. It's going to 2k




Listen to me carefully. You're on the right track but you should swap your shitcoins in this order:

>Trade XRP for XLM this month
>Wait for next FairX news, if it goes well trade your XLM at the top (probably just before FairX launch) - and trade it for ADA.
If this shit goes well, You'll be sitting on 15k ADA.

Worst aint over yet.

High leverage and algo traders be crippling markets soon

>SEC hearing is over
>Was positive
>Scam ICOs btfo
>No more Bitconnects
>people reinvesting with confidence
>crash not over

we are going to 1k dude, not even 2k

What price should i sell ripple?

Wouldnt stellar be a better hold than ADA?

Im so numb to the losses now i just want to break even.

>ripple is just a normie coin, it may recover with the whole market but not a good long-term hold imo

Half of the stellar's hype and thus price comes from the FairX rumors, new fiat->crypto exchange using stellar. Good midterm hold, long - who knows.

ADA, Cardano is the comfiest long term hold you may find. And I'm talking years. It's the most professional and future oriented project I've found. And Veeky Forums hates it :) In couple years, after ETH takes over BTC place, ADA will take over ETH and be #1

>he thinks it's over

Would you sell XRP at 0.90 to break even or do you think it will go higher this month?

I would love it to never reach $1 again but probably it will. The question is, will it recover faster than ETH?


This poll was 2 days ago. Back then biz thought we were in a bear trap and nobody expected BTC to dip below 7k yesterday.

Yesterday everyone was sayin it is the total panic stage. Now you're telling me the dip is over.

You see what I am implying? Never listen to biz. If anything, expect the unexpected.

I appreciate the incite and really hope your not fucking with me.

Im in the dumps quite a bit and need all the help i can get.

So, sell XRP at 0.90 to break even.

Buy XLM with ripple funds.

Sell XLM at 1.00usd and dump into ADA for long term hold?

If you're not feeling it, you may want to leave some xlm. It's also a good project. But in the end I would've make it at least 50/50 with ADA.

Send me a pm please.

I would like to pick your brain.

If you can help me out on this, i will send you a couple hundred worth of Eth to your wallet address.

Im an idiot, not pm. Post your email and ill send a message