Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?

Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
>Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
>Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
>Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
>Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
>Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?
>Why the fuck did I sell at $5900?

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buy high sell low lad

Balls of steel op

you got manipulated, don't fomo now, or else you'd pink wojak in 2 hours

Cool story bro. I guess you bought in at 19k as well? Like someone would actually do that


i hope you bought at 19k

If it make you feel better I longed at 7k and got liquidated in the microsecond it went to 5.8k. So I technically sold at 5k too

You believed all the salty no-coiner fud.

I really want to kill myself, tbqh. Just thinking about how the gooks are going to FOMO in in 2 hours makes me want to puke

Make sure to buy at $7999 and sell at 5k

I'm assuming this is larp, right?

you are like little baby


You better buy back now

Idk about you guys but I'd rather die than panic sell and miss potentially the largest moon mission likely in the history of our species. If BTC takes over, owning just one Bitcoin will put you in the top at least 0.1% of people in the world in terms of wealth. That's assuming 10 million people own at least one Bitcoin but let's be real, there will be a lot less than that. It would probably put you closer to the top 0.03% of people.

Pretty comfy feeling

>didnt do the epic hodl meme

I really think it will go lower man, don't worry. It's a prediction with 70% of certainty but it might go to 5400 or 5200 after tomorrow.

naw give it 10 years and there will be so many coins they wont be worth shit

You need to stop being disingenuous and say 'hope' instead of 'think'



Well this thread should be up in 2 hours and I really fucking doubt that, so let's see. I'm waiting for $5.0K, or maybe even $4.*K in a few days.
I got busy today so I missed 5.9 but I didn't give a shit because its pretty likely going to bottom out even further.

>selling btc

fiatcucks makes me laugh.

cause you listened to biz

The time to buy Gay Money is here.

Now you can buy again at 8000 or grow a pair and buy at 5000, your choice.

But it now, it's not too late

I'm here for an hour and get that it mostly breaks down to holding. according to litecoiners it gets you a lambo. I like lambos

I legit tethered up last night at 6080 because of the futures outlook. Woke up and I am mega wojaking at the moment. I just gotta relax and wait for the 5.5k dip. If this takes off I lost upwards of 80% of my portfolio. It was a big ass stack too. I am going to just add fiat to my tether every paycheck until I am near where I was and then buy back in if it ever crashes again. I got super cucked, especially since I was all in on ICX and sold at that bottom too.

Seriously don't be like me. This could absolutely crash to 4 or 5k tonight but I barely made anything back at that point. If you guys continue your bounce I will be in purgatory. As everyone always says, less risk to hold at the moment until the stock volatility calms.

well atleast you got out of the bitcoin meme before it dips down below $1k

Not joking dude, I never comment but it's not going back to below 6.5k ever again.

Buy high, sell low.
The biz way!

post screen or larp
After making that mistake again and again i promised myself to never sell even if it goes down to 0. So far, nothing but winning. Maybe im going down in USD but BTC has been increasing from trading alts.

Could be true. But you can never ever be certain in this market. If the Dow volatility continues in a downward trend you could see bitcoin drop to 1k easily. The boost of bitcoin was on the back of Dow's bullrun. It could also continue in a parabolic upward trend because we don't know exactly where we are in the true growth of the market. Either way I am fairly cucked because of getting weak hands. I will sit patiently regardless to try to recoup what I can.

dont worry man, it happens. I did something similar and lost 20% of my stack

come in terms with your mistakes and keep yourself in the game, there is still a lot of money for you to make in crypto

Because you fell for the jew.

Not my finest moment. Enjoy.

I had a stop gap at $6k from like 3+ months ago that I forgot about until I saw some shitpost about dropping below 6k, but it hadn't' actually happened yet and I frantically cancelled it. Feels good.

The absolute madman.
Why would you sell so low?
The lower price = the higher the probability of a reversal

Go down go down fuck go down. Just to 7k and i would be happy.

GAY Money to the MOOON.

I got that GAY money!

I gave in at 6.2k first time ever

Now I'm feeling the wrath of not holding

Dow futures was looking at another huge loss at market open when I pulled the panic trigger. I watched 10k evaporate in an hour to nothing so I wanted to save a little face on my overall investment (more than 32% down at that moment).

why is this pic cracking me up

I'm with ya. Don't get weak though. This is the path you chose so stick with it. Btc is not out of the woods just yet. Same with the people who didn't sell. Stick with your investment plan.

Shit, almost 8k

Alright lads. Goodbye.

Ask yourself what you think today will correct into? This upward trend is not going to go on forever. Put in a buy order for what you think the correction is going to be. I still think we will test the 6k bottom again and that is where I will swallow my pride and buy. And that is where it tanks to 1k. But I return to my position and that is my plan. If it doesn't I sit around for months until I cash out and take a capital loss on my taxes. Just make a plan and stick to it. I am the ultimate example.


this, sorry op

I didnt sell tho, just playing alts to get more BTC.
I know its going down and then up until we get out of the trend, just sold my alts and waiting for 7.2k to reenter.

Because you're an emotional investor like all the other idiots allowing themselves to be manipulated by people both more intelligent and more patient than you.

O-OP? Y-you still here, bud?

You ded OP?

go fuck yourself m8
im jewish and I was screaming all night on Veeky Forums that its the worst time to sell and this is when you buy and shit like that
eat shit man

I feel bad for the faggot but then I remember that the world is severely overpopulated anyway so idgaf. I wish faggots like OP would at least take out 10 niggers with them as they go.

deluded linkie

I felt really bad about tethering up at 10.8k. It went right up to 12.7k and stayed above 11k for a while. Naturally, I fomo'd in at 11.5k. Look where that got me.

"The Jew" refers to the Jewish banking cabal, not low level Jews like you.

your fine, buy in at 3k. 3k by sunday

a new dump wave is just started,

have patience

>Dat Video

Veeky Forums in a nutshell!

it's not going above 8k

>Below 5K


Wow those recommended videos are wild.

holy shit time to sell