Veeky Forums vehicle thread

Can we have a vehicle thread Veeky Forums?

Some questions to get discussion started:
How do you personally look at the purchase and costs associated with a vehicle? How much in terms of percentage of net worth or income are you willing to spend? What sick whip do you have? Paid in cash or financed? New or used? Street parking or garaged?

This here is my vehicle, a Ford ranger 2006. Got stopped by border patrol cause I looked suspect, they found extasy in my pants, trial next month

Bumping with my shitbox. It's unsafe and I'd like to buy a new 4Runner, problem is if I'd do that money would be extremely tight and I'd have to park it outdoors, in the city, in the frigid north. So, I'm putting new tires on it today and praying I get a few more miles out of it and that it doesn't kill me.

you've probably seen it on Veeky Forums

Easy answer, Sayori

I drive this pussy magnet (it's the wrong pole though, pushes pussy away).

I would spend no more than 25% post-tax annual salary on a vehicle. This was purchased new with cash, I would only buy used in the future. Garaged.

Abarth 124 is my realistic dream car, I plan to get myself one for my 25th birthday

Also to your questions:
>How do you personally look at the purchase and costs associated with a vehicle?
Worth it. It's the one thing I spend money on that I don't really need. I just love wrenching on and driving my car.
>How much in terms of percentage of net worth or income are you willing to spend?
No more than 5% for this car.
>What sick whip do you have?
see pics
>Paid in cash or financed?
Financed. Put down 8k for a 20k car.
New or used?
Never new.
>Street parking or garaged?
My dorm has a garage. If it's ever outside I have a tarp.

Acquisition cost
Property Taxes (if your country/estate have them)
Parking costs

Make a spreadsheet with how much you'll spend on all those items and when you'll be making the payments.

Used cars are usually cheaper, unless the last owner didn't have insurance, so the insurance cost skyrockets.

Paid in cash if the discount is good enough and you don't burn all your savings.

E30 320i and 3.2 e36 m3 i bought last week, cashed out some crypto befote the dip because I wanted to get the car lucky me.I'm turning 20 in 14 days all the money earned on crypto started with 1000$

>Never new
Never new
>Never new
Never new
>Never new
Never new
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Never new
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Never new

If you only take 1 thing from here, let it be this.

Also, ideally, buy cheap, drive for a year and then sell. Avoid any expensive repairs and move on.

>Avoid any expensive repairs
And that's why I love Porsche. They don't break. The chances of a 911 breaking down compared to an M4 or C63 are so much lower.

>never new meme
Depends on the circumstance. I believed this too until I realized
a)the vehicles I want are models that depreciate the least
b)I plan on driving it for 15+ years until its repairs exceed its value

If I had a garage or wasn't renting an apartment I'd have bought a new truck already. Being that I don't, my plan is to push off the purchase for as long as possible. But when I do it will be new.

If I ever get a proper amount in crypto I will buy this and have all badges removed.

>diesel with good sound
>VW quality, very high resell value (if I ever need it)
>makes you look classy but without the muh racecar GTI vibe
>spacious yet compact
>fast enough to pull pretty much any car away
>that aesthetic

I am a simple man

wat do these words mean?

2k11 Chana Alsvin

>have all badges remove

Because you can’t get pussy in a Volkswagen lol

Veeky Forums here
Just a reminder that if you want 500k Lamborghini-tier performance as a poorfag, buy a bike

>you can't get pussy in a Volkswagen
Nigga you can get pussy with a pair or rollerskates...

Agreed. But bikes are very dangerous in some places

>fast enough to pull pretty much any car away

I did that and sold it after a year, if women and cell phones stayed out of cars I'd keep riding but as it is it's just too dangerous.

There’s only two sensible choices. Dodge Challenger or Alfa Romeo 147.

My college requires all freshman to live in dorms. I run a social media management agency and do ecommerce for a living; memecoins did not buy my car. a payment that low is well within my means.

>chrysler products

> VW quality
Expect the belt to snap in two within 25k.

>badges removed
the rear VW badge serves as the trunk opener
>VW quality
poorly designed, under dimensioned parts that break prematurely?

You don’t even know why they are /ourcar/ do you, you fucking extra chromosome turdling.

Also italian cars

of course I do

both alfa and maserati are chrysler-owned iirc

Then you understand my endorsement is not related to quality of workmanship or reliability (especially in the case of the Alfa), but more a comment on the anti commie / nog qualities of each vehicle.

Used Miata rf / Used Fiat Abarth Spider / used Porsche boxster

I love convertibles and the girls do too. Plan on keeping it for 10+years all low maintenance low cost of ownership.

When you get that ding from some kid at the grocery store on a 100k car you'll be posting pink wojacks for days.

When your oil change costs 2k on your new ride you'll be buying kneepads

When you try to sell your 75k car and it's going for 20k. I'll be laughing

Spend whatever you want on cars

yes sir

I always buy used, but I also do all of my own work. I typically stick with cars around 10k, even though I can afford a more expensive car, I just prefer knowing that I can wreck my shit and still be ok financially. I also trade a lot. I've never held onto the same car or more than a year, and I've green driving for 8 years. Here's my cars now. Say what you want about mustangs, they sure are fun and I love the compliments I get from strangers.

I'm buying this baby next month. Can't wait to fuck bitches with this shit

I meant the GTD badges, they are too screaming and "look I drive a GTD".

Average car on the road

This is false. I am a Euro so proper maintenance for German cars and steady parts are commonly available here.

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Cars are almost as shitty as women in terms of investments.

These are literally the same auto manufacturer. I love the opposite reactions to them breaking down or not
t. rebuilds Porches for a side job.

I bought pic related shitbike for $2,000. First gen FZ-1. Whoolie machine and will top out about 165.

I'm doing that interior on my Miata but in black. Mats, trans tunnel, sills and rear deck in diamond stitch but I'm getting brushed aluminum door panels. Love the look

Aaaah yeh.

You get these fancy german cars and its like fucking 2k to replace 1 (one) shock absorber, and there 50 million sensors for every little thing that constantly crap out and cost a fortune to replace. generally anything newer than like mid 2000's is a maintenance nightmare

>Alfa 147
Why? My brother has one and its nothing special.

They're both depreciating assets that are fun to ride. Financially insane, but they make life more fun.

>not getting a car with pop-up headlights, 50/50 weight distribution back/front and minimal electronics

a 944 is where it's at

I drive a AW11 MR2

Cars aren't an Investment
They are a hobby you low test soy boy cuck faggot nigger loving beta male
BTW look at msrp process for the 911r, now check what they resell for. Dumb cunt kys

Hello fellow Veeky Forumstist

>enjoying things
How dare those normies

what is that

Toyota Camry


I drive a 2000 Buick Regal GS, modified to make ~380hp at the crank. It's my first car, and I don't think I'll ever sell it. I also own a 2006 Yamaha FJR1300 (thanks dad), and a Honda Grom.

>How do I look at the costs?
Short of changing my vehicle I can't really change them, they are what they are.

>Percentage of net worth?
For this car I spent about 40% of my networth, however living at home with little to no expenses at the time meant I was willing to spend more on a vehicle. Now, I'd look at 15-20% of net worth/income for a vehicle. Subject to change though, it's really dependant on my situation at the time.

>Cash or financing?
CASH every time, I'll never finance a vehicle.

>New or used?
Used, obviously. I'm not interested in buying a new vehicle unless it's a motorcycle, those are a bit different.

>Street or garage?
Street in the summer, garage in the winter. My bikes take over the garage for the summer.

Hey! Oh and I forgot mines street parked.