Can you spot the pattern?

Let's see how smart biz really is.
What comes next?

1 (one) Million

$50,000 eom



I guess 3450 then 2875

This is even more retarded than TA



Big if true.



$100,000 obviously


because your sequence is defined as

-1.20699×10^-18 x^26 + 4.85481×10^-16 x^25 - 9.21006×10^-14 x^24 + 1.09735×10^-11 x^23 - 9.22268×10^-10 x^22 + 5.82067×10^-8 x^21 - 2.867×10^-6 x^20 + 0.000113062 x^19 - 0.00363333 x^18 + 0.0963328 x^17 - 2.12556 x^16 + 39.2561 x^15 - 608.934 x^14 + 7944.83 x^13 - 87151. x^12 + 801985. x^11 - 6.16561×10^6 x^10 + 3.93546×10^7 x^9 - 2.06746×10^8 x^8 + 8.83418×10^8 x^7 - 3.02181×10^9 x^6 + 8.09721×10^9 x^5 - 1.64908×10^10 x^4 + 2.4423×10^10 x^3 - 2.45326×10^10 x^2 + 1.47421×10^10 x - 3.92768×10^9

ride the waves, but never sell. it only goes up.

$0 because it's outlawed

Must be nice

> x.x

im not smart lmao didnt even read

wtf. good shit

Nice numbers OP
$ 7,390,444 Would be great

20 Trillion obviously

$ [btc]

I ran an advanced regression analysis of OP's stats

Regression Statistics
Multiple R 0.763698244
R Square 0.583235009
Adjusted R Square 0.567205586
Standard Error 2857.660884
Observations 28

df SS MS F Significance F
Regression 1 297130396.3 297130396.3 36.38527836 2.26698E-06
Residual 26 212321868.9 8166225.728
Total 27 509452265.2

Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value
Intercept -2945.560206 1109.691394 -2.654395827 0.013377978
X Variable 1 403.2777556 66.85615815 6.032021084 2.26698E-06 2

What's that equal my calculator gave me an e

There's a lot of autism going on here but not a lot of information.

Its slappening!!!!

Yea of course look at the last two times the RSI hit 30. I would wait for confirmation instead of trying to time the bottom like every other fucking retard, but it looks like a bottom to me.

> running a linear regression
> on something as volatile as crypto

Nice high school excel skills brainlet

Also the volume climax means a shit ton of other people thought that might be the bottom too.

Around $20 and it stays there.

I was looking for a pattern like this was a puzzle.
My guess is 28k

The second it bounces, everybody is coming back in lamo, prepare your BTC longs x5 and some shitcoins x100 with 1000 bucks for the mighty keks

I see a pattern all right. Checkedddd

This is wrong and autistic

Learn to math faggot

Look more closely...a few people in this thread have already figured it out. I'm impressed.

probably gonna test 6000, hit mid 5k, where the bottom is and everyone buys


you cant predict future events based on past informations. OP is a cunt

Spotted the redditor.


24k floor?

Big crash incoming

>What comes next?
$100 transaction fees?

doesn't compute for 0 desu senpai

Try it on log scale.


By the way, these people are on the right track.

>time isn't cyclical

Don't worry
Price will jump to ~9k after that

This. But the only way we can (try to) predict the future is by looking at the past.

this version hasn't finished the full circle yet


Autists are good at math what's the problem

we can expect a range between 2x and 20x, impossible to know exactly how much.

So whats the answer?

cool your HS math class just now learning the TI series?
fuckin base regression analysis aren't useful

So? Whats the answer?

Read through the thread. You'll figure it out.

No I won't, just tell me :(

Not everyone is smart like user

Haha, you’re trying to get other people to see a pattern that you can’t. Hint-there is no pattern the market has flailed around blindly in the past and will continue to do so (in an upward trajectory).

Implying numbers can predict a social construct like bitcoin. OP is confirmed brainlet