The real savior of crypto

The real savior of crypto.

This bitch is a fucking cunt

fuck this fake indian witch

Dead cat bouncing.She’s on the list of mass arrest trumpy has on his desk.

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Get that wannabe tribe hoe off my board reeeeeeeeee

what did i miss?

This stupid cunt was wanting regulation up the ass. She, along with some other dude, was asking about shit like "regulatory arbitrage" which is not only nearly impossible, but insane.

The left will never win another presidency with people like her as their leader.



a lot of butthurt drumflets in here

i just woke up what did i miss


watching your wife get fucked by a big black guy while you jerk off in corner using your tears as lube is still less cuck than supporting this woman


Go on...

whats with trump supporters and black dicks? its like they are all obsessed with black dicks, they always manage to bring black dicks into the conversation

quick rundown?


crypto going to 20 trill cap.
warren is worried about retirement.

It's even worse on /gif/
Can't have a single thread without them spouting nonsense about their bbc fetish.

fuck this savage market hating bitch

She's like a villain out of an Ayn Rand novel


>poster never once used the term "black dicks"
>you couldn't help but to subconsciously type it out 3 times while replying to him

This. Most leftist politicians are hypocrites and sellouts. Just look at Hilary, her emails and her past show just how corrupt and hypocritical this wrinkly bitch really is yet the left fall for her like shes a fucking God.

They want more regulation so they can get more power which means less freedom for the free markets and individuals.

There's nearly a dozen cuck threads at one time on the fucking board and if they don't see one they will enter it to start shit or spam cuckshit. Its unbearable, they are even spreading to the other porn boards.

Fucking cunt should die already killed by a bunch niggers

Former warren voter here, not gonna lie it's been hilarious watching warren crash and burn. But seriously we can't let this gal get her hand on the tomahawk missiles,

Why would you vote for her?

Kys newfag.

>tomahawk missiles
Well done

Runswithwolves looked like a fuckin retard today... everyone was talking about crypto and then she starts talking about Obama...


Is this the lady that pretended to be a prairie negress to get into law school and doesn't want to let Trump be great? Nah, can't get behind this bitch.

>It only revealed how two-faced and conniving she was!


THis attention seeking socialist cunt with her irrelevant bullshit playing to the camera? Fuck off /leftypol/.

Yeah that's her. Pretended to be a "woman of color" so Harvard could pretend it's faculty wasn't as white as it was.

I would.

she somehow managed to be more obnoxious than trump. astounding really