Bulk cheap LINK up for sale on Binance, going quick!


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Who keeps dumping LINK at these prices? Like even a brainlet wouldn't do this... what's the angle?

Bigger player getting more players in the game.


wish i bought back in yesterday, will link go any lower?

It’s sergey, check etherscan

Yes is true please buy mobius good sir and many bobs and vagene

Everything will. This is the only thing I couldn't get myself to sell.

same question as this guy, I can buy some ETH to trade for LINK tonight. Think it'll hit below 25 eurocents again tomorrow? Because I plan on picking up either 2k or 4k then.

Don't worry about the price so much. This will look like a blip on the radar in the future. Just keep accumulating when you can and for as long as you can.

the whales are gobbling this shit up

How stupid is it to take a small loan to buy more link? Im a student with only 8700 link and want around 15k link, should I or not?

yes SEC said be reckless buy bazinga

what price are you going to be accumulating until?


>held all the way through
>$30,000 worth at $.60

If I survived that I can hold through anything

Extremely stupid, don't do it. Never invest money that isn't yours, you may have to hold for a long time.

well they can't exactly market buy more if noone's selling can they?

devs are dumping LINK

i have hard proof, dubs and ill post it here

#1 rule of crypto, don't put in more than you're willing to lose. LINK has potential but it can still easily go to 0.

I wouldn't recommend it. It will put a lot of pressure on you emotionally and financially. You might do something stupid like sell on a dip, right before some big news then want to kill yourself.

If you want to be risky and try to increase your stack, get a regular part time job or try swing trading to increase your stack.

people who take steroids are pathetic

Check em

Thought it was never talk about crypto irl

For sure. I saw it in a CBT. This guy thought he was the best looking guy on fit (he's not). Another user and I both noticed that he looked like Sergay. Definitely worth the save.

Thanks for the advice guys. Think im going to search for a part time job

I guess you're right. How much are you holding atm? I wish I just wasn't broke as fuck.

ill post it anyway, follow the 5 mil LINK, it leads to binance from dev created wallet


Who took this chuck e cheese token off the rails while I was asleep? Fuck I wanted more.

Use LINK accumulation as an incentive to continually work, save and improve your net income stream.

what the fuck bros

Thanks for your reply, how are you sure that this a dev? Its a pretty serious signal at least.

Why would a dev panic sell while the market was crashing?

sergey needs to top his mcdonalds fund

in all seriousness it doesnt look great, especially since no one on their slack has commented on it, denied nor confirmed anything

not going to speculate why, all i can see that they ARE selling

>t. Poorfag who doesn't get how whales accumulate


How do we know its a dev?

Post the LINK marine ranks and I'll tell you my rank.

Can somebody clarify the meaning of this? I checked etherscan too, real shit. Worried here.





Sergey taking a payday before exit scam? Suppressing price so that big buyers can buy in with a consitent price (why wouldn't he just OTC sell though)? Doesn't seem good at all.

Maybe they try to smoke us out?

Just fudding by selling their own Links in the hope a lot of us are selling our bags.


But seriously last transaction on that wallet was 70+ days ago chill the fuck out everyone

They're probably sending them through binance so you faggots can't stalk their wallets. This speculation is probably exactly why they don't want every neckbeard on Veeky Forums to know exactly how many tokens they have and what they're doing with them.


its one of wallets that was created when LINK was created to hold devs LINK, one 350m wallet for future partners, 350m for people at ICO, 6 wallets with 50m each for devs

Cause its the new retarded fud going around. Its not a dev.

But with etherscan you can always see the 500 biggest wallets. If they want to disguise their link they should chop it up in wallets of 5k.

you're an idiot

We fucking don't. These pajeets just want cheap link

He could also be concealing the origin of tokens for somebody who is buying from him, I think if price doesn't change too much while these are being sold off then that is our answer. I do not know how to automate this, but we ought to follow output of the binance link address to see if comparable amounts are heading to other addresses.

>it's like buying eth at $1

wrong, follow this transaction id


They are gracious enough to sell us linkies at these low, low prices instead of hodling them until they're $1 bajillion each. Also they recently raised the price of big macs.

Fuck off with this shitty FUD, no proof its a dev. Most likely just a whale tired of holding

Not only that, but the Grand Mac is back too

whale with 50m link since the creation date of LINK? you are absolutely hopeless

??? has been suppressing the price for months. how much link does it take to control the market? maybe they need more to keep the price down until...

All link tokens lead to the place where they originally came from. Is this somehow a problem? Is that a problem of a more general kind? Are we all fucked in all the aspects of life where we see this phenomena of things leading to where they originate from? We need Sergey to answer this

The 6 wallets in the green box are the dev wallets with 50m link each. They should total 350m link, but the last one is missing around 7.5m link. What the fuck is going on bros.

except these tokens were never bought from an exchange, they went from dev wallets to binance with a little detour

what does this mean?

Development costs money. I really dont see issue with selling ~2% of holdings.

This is what you pajeets are screaming about? Call me when even one of those gets fully dumped and then maybe I'll worry.

Sergey bought some Mcdonalds for him and his couchsurfing guests

cos 32 million isnt enough for half a year?

Yea this is a valid point. Companies often sell off a ton of their business before it really grows as they need money to fund their venture.


you do realize that after SWIFT is announced the price will skyrocket PAST where it should be? Why not take some of your stack to sell there?

We only have 1 week left. Will make the runup to $1.40 look like chump change.

>he thinks sergey will announce swift at the conference

Some of the supply was set aside for node operators, and sending a transaction directly to an operator wallet would be pretty explicit and pump the price, stopping other node operators from buying in at a promised price. Anyone with half a brain knows this and is fudding to scare you spastic into dropping the price so they can buy before news gets out and the price skyrockets. I'm only posting this cause I don't have enough liquid cash to pour in right now. Strap in my fellow stinkies

Is there a more pathetic poster on biz than the chaincuck? Doubt it, now even the tron shills where this sad. This coin has been shilled for years now and it has not moved.

Are you autistic?

Feels like it has been year cause I see a new chainCuck thread every couple of hours every single day for months.

It was shilled in 2017 and 2018. Multiple years. Do you even know how dates work?

The absolute state of LINK holders. Don't even know basic dates.

With how small the team is and how many tokens there are in total, you do realize that a dev would have way, way more than 50 million. You might want to take high school math again and sharpen up.

Because it's gonna be fucking huge

do it lol

>5 months is multiple years

brainlet read again. i was addressing his "whale HODLing" argument. i never claimed that 50m is the total that devs hold

Last commit more than a month ago, team is terrible at marketing, zero hype. I know how it feels to hold heavy bag but damn, link cucks take it way to far.

You are just like the rest of the normie fags, you buy a pretty shiny coin with good marketing with no actual substance. Go read the Chanlink whitepaper. I actually invest in quality technology. You are a fool.

That's the attitude. At least you have in the back of your head you're working towards something, and not justdoing the gig for beer/drug money.

Rory said they were paying staff with LINK last time this happened.

somebody post the chainlink american psycho meme plz, need to collect

My biggest share is 40% in ENG, I have read the Chainlink whitepaper but its pointless to make threads about a coin where nothing happens to drum upp false hype.

the 32 million they raised in ICO wasnt sufficient? fishy

>Buy some BTC at $7.4k a few days ago
>Market crashes further but np, LINK crashes with it so not losing much in stinkylinkies
>Buy 1k LINK at 4500 sats
>Sell at 4600
>Put buy order at 4250 for 1100 linkies, feeling bretty good about myself
>Wake up, LINK at 4300
>Just a little more!
>Check in a few hours later
>LINK at 5.6k sats

>5 mill tokens

Those are the advisors. And some fag advisor must have decided to liquidate 10% because the media FUD scared him. Probably that facebook chink.

I did the same before the mega bull run to a dollar started, lessons were learned that day

sell me your bags nonbeliever- stay poor

I also got fucked hard by that insane run from 4k sats to 9.8k in late januari. Doubled my stack due to the volatility but then halved it again because I FOMO'd in at 9k sats. I actually started to believe the cup and handle bullshit and the chad singularity when I saw those green dildos lol

Just what did he mean by this?

suppose its up to the dev how they get paid