now scale that back by 5 years.

here you go faggot

>they think it goes up from here

Not buying until she goes under $3k, at least

you stoopid shit


how can you call it dead when it bounces so much

it's more like a retarded alive cat falling down the stairs


yeah for sure, kids using 5m candles think dip is over

OP is brainlet. A dead cat only bounces once, confirmed with neighbors cat Whisker McFluffy Puffins. SHE ONLY BOUNCED ONCE! Dropped her four times to make sure. OPs chart is obvious scam to scare you guys.

>regression how does it work?

You sold below 7k didnt you

I haven't exhausted my investment funds so I'm ready to buy the next dip even if it doesn't come today

op is right. there have been several dead cat bounces on the way down. you should sell now. buy back under $1000

15th dead cat bounce since november

What dead cat this time. We reached the floor so its gonna upwards from now on, with some small dips.

You brainlets didn’t see it rocket off the 200 SMA? Going to need some insane fud to get through that.

the floor is at 1k

doesnt really matter if dead cat again
>we are in FULL BEAR MARKET thanks to SEC hearing today

Floor is 6k

Is it just me or is this a chart of netflix stock with three minute candles


Literally every reversal looks like a dead cat bounce. It's pure speculation.

Dead cat bounce should be called "thrown ball down stairs"

BTC reached floor at $6k because you can see the ball stopped going higher and higher and lower lows
Instead its as if the ball gained life of its own and returned back to swinging it unpredictably by TA
The ball also started gaining volume

the bear trend is broken today.

how can that be? 6k line was broken

700 ish.

I'm not joking.

for 2 sec

They said the same about 13k like a month ago. Come on now. Experts already said that it will stabilize around $20.

is it going to be tested again?

lol ok keep joking,

I said floor is 1k AT LEAST

the whole fucking market is manipulated

Cats have nine lives. We have six more bounces before it hits the floor and stabilizes.

>there are so many dead cats you wouldnt believe

>i-it must be a joke...
Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

yah sure we'll see in late feb/march

I like this better, you're right

>back in december
>"it's gonna burst anytime"
>heh, we'll see in later January/feb
top kek you're already kinda bargaining fyi

>this time is different, it won't be like what happened when it was 12k, 10k, 9k, 8k, trust me, now we go 20k eom

quads confirmed
bulls = brainlets

Thanks just bought 100k

trying too hard op, suck cock faggot

thanks just sold it all